The software has been around since 1997 but I only just now realised that the name "Nero Burning ROM" is a pun

Star Trek (2009) but after Nero has finished destroying Vulcan he plays a little trumpet to announce he's done

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@fraggle Yeah, figured out about that one a half year ago. ;) Burnnnnnn!

@fraggle TIL this!
(a personal record for the longest time of a penny to drop! 24 years!)

@Nicolai yeah i got it immediately when i saw the icon but I don't remember it having that icon in whatever distant past it was that I used to use it

@fraggle oh, they had several versions of it. Google them, it is cute to see how it evolved.

@fraggle You joke, but one of the themes in the score is titled "Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns" iirc

@fraggle it took me a good 15 years, long after I'd stopped using it ofc

@fraggle not exactly related, but I reached a point of frustration with free software burning tools until I realised, the need to burn will go away before the software improves

@jmtd I think mkisofs still has to be explicitly told to enable joliet extensions

@fraggle and probably RockRidge too I bet, although maybe nobody cares about that any more.

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