someone clue me in to what the current drama is all about

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long, inside baseball 

@fraggle so dankwraith monadsonline has been getting a lot of reports against his jewish users for "antisemitism" that was actually just shit talking zionists

he got another one and screenshotted it to yell about

turned out it was from shel, of snouts, also jewish, also antizionist, who had no defense for the report (the reported user called themself jewish in bio) but was *really* adamant that the issue should have been resolved privately

dankwraith maintains that this is all fine, monads and mastosoc support him

snouts userbase supports shel, gets kind of weird and personal at monads, verging on harassment now, snouts admin has essentially taken responsibility for the whole situation, but shel (not an admin) is still doubling down...

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