A new release is out of the official Doom port which adds Dehacked patch loading support. Bethesda licensed the Chocolate Doom Dehacked code from me for their port:

(I did some careful cherrypicking from Chocolate Doom's Git history to make sure I only supplied them with code I had personally written. Because of that, some features like BEX strings are not supported since they were written by other Choco contributors)

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@directhex itvjust uses a Unity shell from what I understand. The Unity part has been overstated, including by me when the news first broke

@directhex @fraggle i wrote a little bit about the tech details on my website if you want to read more! if you poke around the installed files on the PC you'll find a file named DoomLib.dll, this is the entirety of our modified doom engine, inside a single DLL file!

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