This is Bandit. He's a Blue Jay with a broken wing who can't fly, and he's been living in the garden area next to my apartment, hiding in bushes and climbing trees to stay safe. I've been working on getting someone to catch him and take him to an animal sanctuary but so far he's evaded capture.

Despite being unable to fly he always seems in good spirits and has a lot of energy. He can hop very quickly!

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I've been particularly impressed with his tree climbing abilities - he hops from branch to branch to make his way up. After I started feeding him peanuts, he started climbing up trees to catch my attention.

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Blue Jays are in the same family as crows, so they're very intelligent. They take the peanuts to tree trunks or other hard objects to smash the shells open. But I've been impressed more than anything by how this little guy has adapted to a disability that you'd think would be a death sentence for a bird

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