Shortlist of work to do on this:
* Replace HDD with CF card
* Battery rebuild
* Speaker replacement
* Mod port replicator to add PS/2 ports

I'm also going to be on the lookout for a PCMCIA SCSI card+external CDROM drive since giving the Libretto the ability to read CDROMs seem important

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Update on status of this: I replaced the hard drive with a 4GB CF card, making it significantly lighter and quieter. Fresh install of 98lite plus all the Toshiba drivers, and I also installed an Orinoco WiFi card that I picked up at the MIT Swapfest last year

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Things I still want to do but don't have the components (yet) or a soldering iron to do them with:
* Battery rebuild: I disassembled the existing battery which was a messy affair, and I'm confident I can get some new Lithium cells that will work in there
* PS/2 keyboard/mouse socket mod for port replicator: seems straightforward but finding an appropriate 6 pin mini DIN socket is proving difficult

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Managed to get hold of a CD-ROM drive to go with the Libretto. But it doesn't spin up and the screen always says "no disc". Hoping if I take it apart it's maybe just a broken rubber belt or something like that 😔

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@thomasfuchs it's almost certainly adapted, but it does have a full SCSI interface!

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