c++ is a terrible language but don't worry because they built a better language inside it out of macros

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@fraggle if you aren't writing your entire program in a header file, you're doing C++ wrong

@fraggle The good news is that every update to the standard removes some of the sharpest bits and makes it cleaner and more elegant.

The bad news is that every update to the standard adds new sharp bits and weird awkward concepts.

@LionsPhil i'm not convinced a single update to the standard has removed anything :doomthinking:

@fraggle The stupid template << misparse is gone, and uniform initalization stuff means the most vexing parse (which I always confuse with it, but is the variable/function declaration ambiguity one) can go away too.

Trigraphs died in C++17, despite IBM's objections.

auto_ptr was also removed, to my surprise, in 17! I thought that would live on despite being broken and having partial-but-safe replacements since 11.

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