Every Friday, this repurposed little piece of networking gear in my living room builds the latest version of Chocolate Doom from Git, and automatically plays through over 600 hours of demo recordings to ensure that demo sync works as intended.

@fraggle Extremely cool. How do you determine that each demo has played back 100% correctly? Is this code that's in Chocolate Doom's source depot?

@jplebreton DOS Doom has an obscure option called '-statcopy' that lets an external driver get access to the intermission screen statistics data. So I wrote a DOS driver that dumps this to a text file, and ran it across the entire Compet-N archive. Choco can generate the same text files, and as long as the demo stays in sync, the two will match. github.com/chocolate-doom/stat

@fraggle @jplebreton out of curiosity is there a quick way to check how many demons get killed in 600 hours worth of demos?

@technomancy @jplebreton maybe haha give me a few minutes to crunch the numbers

@fraggle @jplebreton whatever that number turns out to be, I figure you've probably got the world record for "number of doom demons killed in a single residence" at this point, right?

@technomancy @jplebreton since some time last year, although it went down in january and I just brought it back up last week

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