Text of an email I sent to the FSF in response to their request for comment on future engagement with the GNU project:


FSF, GNU, Stallman 

Side note, it seems super sketchy that the FSF owns the GNU trademark and GNU.org domain, their former employee is now appropriating the name and pretending like he personally owns them, and nobody seems to be questioning this?

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FSF, GNU, Stallman 

So, GNU now has a formal governance structure, but unfortunately the position of "Chief GNUisance" is now officially an unaccountable position of power: gnu.org/gnu/gnu-structure.html

It's hypocritical to claim to be representing freedom while retaining the structure and trappings of a monarchy or dictatorship.

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FSF, GNU, Stallman 

@fraggle Oh god, are you fucking kidding me? That's real title? This organisation has lost the plot. There is no sense of self awareness left.

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