what is the ordering of these on the stuf scale? i'm guessing mega stuf is more than double stuf but less than most stuf but who knows?

Oreo Thins
Oreo (Original)
Oreo Double Stuf
Oreo Mega Stuf
Oreo Most Stuf
Oreo Even Moster Stuf
2 Oreos 2 Stufious
Oreo Giga Stuf
Oreos: The Next Stuferation
Oreos: Eat Stuf With a Vengeance
2 Oreos 1 Stuf
Oreo Tera Stuf
Indiana Jones and the Oreo of Stuf
Oreo Wars: The Stuf Awakens
Oreos II: Stuf on Earth
Oreo Peta Stuf
A Solar System Sized Sphere Of Stuf With Two Oreo Cookies Stuck To Either Side

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@fraggle wait are these real
i can't tell if they are or not

@sangv these are 100% real along with these other imaginative flavors

@fraggle i've seen the lemon ones around where i live, but not any of the other ones
the mystery ones just seem like a disaster waiting to happen because the concept reminds me vaguely of beanboozled jellybeans

@sangv speaking of disasters i present to you the worst oreo flavor

@fraggle @sangv maxi-stuf reores

it's just a bag of sticky white goo with brown chunks embedded inside

@carcinopithecus @sangv I'm a bit surprised they don't just sell jars of the stuf at this point

@fraggle probably just a matter of brand image dilution

(possible solution (no pun intended): cookie end at bottom and top of jar)


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