the early duke nukem games talked a lot about how he was a big oprah winfrey fan but it seems that got played down in later games

@fraggle Didn't he wind up in the future by the end of the game or something? Maybe Apogee assumed she'd retired and catching up on all those episodes would be a chore. :blobcheeky:

@fraggle this is the duke i knew and grew up with

to hell with all that macho poochie nonsense he was pressured into later

@fraggle it's time to stop alien invasions and watch oprah... and duke nukem forever was critically panned at launch

@fraggle in Duke Nukem 2 he got kidnapped by aliens while being interviewed by Oprah about his new book: "Why I Am So Great".

As a kid (and being from the UK), I assumed Duke was a big opera fan (and that Duke was his title; not a big stretch when Lara Croft is aristocracy). It was only many years later that I discovered the truth...

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