Beame & Whiteside's Networking Adventure

Beame & Whiteside TCP/IP was a DOS networking stack notable because Quake 1 supported using it for Internet play. But it seems that no copies of it seem to be available anywhere, even on eBay. For all intents and purposes it seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth

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Hummingbird acquired Beame & Whiteside and it looks like it may have been briefly sold as part of their NFS Maestro suite for DOS, but good luck finding that too

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anyway a nice DOS hack would be to write a device driver to reimplement the same API as B&W TCP/IP but backed by a free stack like mTCP or WATTCP. then you can play internet quake from pure DOS retro machines
(you can already play from inside Win9x anyway but pure DOS would be cooler)
some details of the API are in the Quake sources

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alternatively: add B&W API support to DOSbox. that would be cool too. but since quake is probably the only game in existence to support this API it's dubious whether it's worth the effort

Continued google spelunking eventually turned up some success! is a DOS driver bundle that was distributed in the '90s for people wanting to play Internet Quake from DOS, and includes the most important B&W driver files

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LOL at this note from the included text file. Apparently these were available for download via anonymous FTP at one point - now people have been struggling for years to find a copy anywhere. It's amazing how stuff can just disappear

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By the way - these were very much not public domain. Back then, a license for BW-TCP would set you back $240. For a TCP/IP stack!

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@fraggle Istr B&W became the basis for "Microsoft TCP" around the time of Windows 3.11. I know it was concurrent with some other third party stack we used to use, anyway.

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