Looks like Keybase has gone from "nice UI for PGP" to "vehicle for pushing cryptocurrency bullshit". Time to uninstall that app.

@fraggle When I noticed the notifications on my phone, I damn near shit myself wondering why I was being given a bunch of coins.

The whole thing set off a lot of alarm bells before I investigated further. D:

@Jo I spent several minutes searching for the Report Spam button and wondering why no such thing seems to be present before I realised that oh, this is officially endorsed spam

@fraggle @Jo that's exactly what I did too. What garbage. The people behind Stellar started putting investment into Keybase like a year ago IIRC?, so this is the result of that I guess 🙄

@dzuk @fraggle I just want to know where I can cash this shit in for real money.

Space points aren't going to keep me in the black this month.

@Jo @dzuk Call me cynical but I suspect you'll find it very difficult to do that. And even if you do, I doubt you'll get the amount they claim to have given you

@fraggle @Jo I did a little bit of research and they do seem to be in use (IBM uses XLM for some cryptoshit thing of theirs) and are exchangeable, but yeah, it's safe to assume that that figure is optimistic

@dzuk @fraggle @Jo That pilot program's still going? Huh, guess they haven't given up yet.

@Jo @drwho @dzuk @fraggle user interface design is dark and full of terrors

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