upgraded raspi to buster and it all went perfectly smoothly until i rebooted and it didn't come back


oh never mind I guess the upgrade just changed the IPv6 address (?????)

@fraggle are you using DHCPv6? or are you using the MAC-based link local address?

@fraggle er, I should rephrase since that question implies they're related:
are you using the MAC-based link local address? if so it might have changed the MAC somehow
if you're using DHCPv6 you probably want to use the link local address, or use a static IPv6 address (your ISP should always give you a static prefix)

@marrub using v6 autoconf which i thought was supposed to be stable

@fraggle it is usually randomized on boot, if you're using systemd-networkd I have an example configuration for it here: git.greyserv.net/marrub/script

@marrub well I rebooted again and it came back with the same address, so I think maybe it's the algorithm for generating the address that changed

@fraggle automatic IPv6 address allocation may actually be a form of black magic

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