unreasonably excited about how I'm going to spend time installing debian this weekend

trying to figure out how to manipulate ELF headers so this linux installation is going well so far


So yeah this weekend's attempt at an install completely failed. Debian's install instructions for the EdgeRouter Lite are very extensive, "professionally" written and entirely useless.

Interestingly it looks like it may actually be easier to install OpenBSD than Debian. Maybe I should do that instead just to make the machine even more esoteric

To clarify, Debian's instructions are entirely useless because they're 99% boilerplate "how to install a typical Debian system" type instructions. Lots of stuff about the installer's accessibility features but no usable instructions for how to actually boot the installer on an ERLite

lol I've used the OpenBSD installer before and I'm reading this in the most condescending possible tone

Round of applause to whoever decided that "quit" and "exit" should be separate commands with different semantics

So I've been playing with this over the past week and having a lot of fun with it. OpenBSD seems like a nice fit for the modest hardware and I definitely don't regret going with it instead of Debian

Biggest problem is the slow USB drive and I think I can probably improve things by swapping it for a faster drive. I've been able to paper over it a bit by mounting / with softdep,noatime and a mfs mount (like tmpfs) on /tmp

"Send an email to the system administrator with the contents of df and netstat every single day" seems like a curious default setting

For reference, you opt out of this by making a file named /etc/daily.local containing `VERBOSESTATUS=0`

Did you know: you can send me an email at evans dot soulsphere dot org

OpenBSD doesn't come with curl preinstalled but the ftp client in the base image supports http/https. So `ftp -o - [url]` is mostly equivalent to curl

@fraggle also confusing is that debian is like the only OS to ship wget but not curl out of the box

@fraggle partly kinda sad that Debian let you down here but also excited for you to kick openbsd tyres more

@fraggle I had a blog post about openbsd but I deleted it. In short I think there's a lot to like about their approach to thinks

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