I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

@mwlucas @Jo @fraggle Wait, did you actually write that?

.............did I sell well? Is there a market for that?

@Jo @mwlucas @fraggle Yeah, but I thought he had said there wasn't a big market for it, just a small dedicated one, which is why he has to write so many books

@fraggle I don't think such a book exists, but the manual pages and the red hat docs are quite extensive, usually documenting every option for every unit type

@sascha no doubt, but I kind of want something more structured that will lay it all out piece by piece in a logical way rather than just a pile of manpages where I don't know where to start

@fraggle the biggest surprise is that it's not by chuck tingle

@rocket357 @fraggle

SbS is the only systemd book out there.

It's not SEO hacking when there's no competition...

@mwlucas @fraggle No one, I mean, NO ONE, has bothered writing a book about systemd? That's depressing.

@rocket357 @fraggle

A saying from my dojo applies here:

"Hold still so I can hit you."

Seriously. It moves too quickly, changes stuff too quickly, and accumulates workarounds too quickly.

Once GNU/systemd stabilizes as an OS, someone will write a book.

@mwlucas @rocket357
What inspired me to look was Benno Rice's recent talk about systemd where he makes the case that systemd is a new "middle layer" between kernel and userspace, so I figured I should learn it and assumed there must be a book I could read ...

@fraggle @rocket357 That is a great talk. There's space for innovation there, but systemd... ain't it.

@fraggle well, at least the results are straightforward. TBH, it is salacious and it is fun for those into those adventures. As for systemd, I find it a Linux response to etcd from Core but what do I know?

@fraggle Sounds hot. I wonder if there will be cron jobs.

@fraggle Omygosh, I dunno about a book on #systemd, but there are about a zillion and twelve _articles_ about it, both pro and con - but mostly con. It flies in the face of the Unix/Linux philosophy, it's huge, intrusive, and has _potential_ to become so much more than just an init / journaling bit of software. I avoid it by using a distro without systemd.

@sophia i still need to read the book and decide what classification of shitposting it is lol

@ben turns out the author follows me on here and I know him to have excellent taste in shitposting

@sophia Look. I've spent two years apologizing for writing this.

I own it.

I wrote "Savaged by Systemd" and made the world a worse place. No act of kindness I can possibly perform can ever make up for this atrocity.

And yet, I keep trying.

@mwlucas holy shit that's actually you? Fucking bravo. Just the summary is a masterpiece


Thank you.

Yes, that's me. I wrote it in one day, on a whim, giggling the whole time, released it with no marketing or fanfare.

Two years on, #savagedbysystemd is my best selling fiction. :flan_piteous:

@mwlucas if you write erotic fiction about systemd, I mean you're setting yourself a pretty high bar there so I can see why


I knew there is a subreddit named "Unixporn" but this is kinda ridiculous.

@fraggle ... this thread ... I finally understand the term "winning."

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