take me down to parallel city where the lines are straight and stretch to infinity


take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

I don't have a soundcloud please just be kind and take care of each other

@a_breakin_glass @fraggle
I am at a mail box in a sea of geeks!
Look East: you see a geek
Look West: you see a geek
Look South: you see a geek
You can guess what North looks like!

"Scroll. Meeee. Hoooooooomeeee yeaaahEEAAAAhhhh!"

Take me down to the paradox city
Where the way leads up and there is no city

@fraggle this is genious and also relatable because i'll have to implement that soon

@fraggle I missed out on a certain MMO, but I figure there's one for Paragon City.

@fraggle this is amazing and i will be thinking about it all night

@fraggle I'm glad this one got rescued from the birdsite.

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