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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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cryptocurrency bollocks 

Remember that story a while back about how a man threw away a hard drive containing thousands of bitcoins? Well he's still trying to get it back and is obsessed with excavating his local dump, even though the obsession has destroyed his marriage:

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our society has decided that all children must learn to identify and imitate all farmyard animals before the age of two

Problem 3. For this problem, you'll need to set your calculator to "maths".

stumbled randomly on the reddit community of people who hate the angry video game nerd. what is wrong with some people

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New £20 note features the painting of a "big bloody ship" that appeared (symbolically) in that scene in Skyfall:

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*slaps top of old computer* it doesn't have enough power to browse the web, but it's still alright for gaming

Imagine the never ceasing barrage of schoolyard jokes if your name was Pirate

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TIL that Korn singer Jonathan Davis has three children who are named Pirate, Zeppelin and Nathan

Doom E1 but every monster has the flag set that makes it not wake up in response to sounds. The WAD title: Knee-Deep in the Deaf

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"80 characters per line? I've got variable names longer than this!"

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Christmas is clearly on the way because the gay cardinals are in the shops

C++, aka: "She swallowed the spider to catch the fly", the programming language

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