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fix(es) ALL the git problems!

Yo yo yo! Remember I promised to write about scaling to 43k users? I did it!

psychology concept everyone should know about 

the fundamental attribution error: a tendency to think that people's actions are due to their personality/disposition, not to their situation/environment.

e.g. someone doesn't anwer a message you left. You think "this person is a jerk" or "this person doesn't like me". In fact, they may be just struggling with a situation that made it hard to text back.

We all have this bias. Empathy lies in the ability to deal with the fundamental attribution error

Oh! Mastodon has built-in Atom feeds for each user:


For example:

(via @dredmorbius)

An observation about #SurveillanceCapitalism is that merely moving to a federated system such as gnusocial does not prevent Google or Facebook from collecting it all, but it does prevent them from manipulating timelines, inserting ads or unilaterally censoring people.

I'll make my own instance list

with blackjack
and hookers

To show the world you are "verified" on #Mastodon, all you do is to type, ":_white_check_mark:" next to your profile name. That's it!
Spoof of the day for me, ;-)

Okay so I have like 30 people on this thing now and I think it might be getting serious. Should I adopt a real CoC?

I should do an #introduction! I'm PatCat, an Aussie who loves talking about emerging tech and building random tech creations to see what's possible and teach others! :grinning:

I find the world of VR, AR, IoT, AI and all those other acronyms both exciting and fascinating as they grow and develop.

I also run Dev Diner, a site which tries to help the developer community keep up with everything and provides developer focused articles that highlight the cool stuff our community is doing!

Hi all!

i made a tiny thing for curling the API:

the cli ux is very preliminary, suggestions welcome

#botally ppl may be interested? all my twitter bots use basically this level of wrapping, not a high-level-language lib.

(inspired by @tinysubversions' web page tool... thanks!)

Job thing! If you have a background in activism and understand tech, EFF has a couple of jobs you might be interested in (plz to boost)

Grassroots activist
You will support EFF’s grassroots advocacy efforts, support our security training team, and engage in outreach to grassroots groups, with a focus on technical communities and hacker spaces

Writer, Activism Team
This position will focus on net neutrality and a range of intellectual property issues

Make your own glitchy images w/ audacity!

- Save to an uncompressed format (.bmp works great!)
- import into audacity as Raw Input w/ Encoding: U-Law and Byte Order; Big Endian
- Play with effects on all but the first quarter second or so (to avoid messing up headers)
- export to format "Other uncompressed files" and click options, set Header to RAW and encoding to U-Law. If you have issues, rename from .raw to .bmp!

Example image:

I wrote a positive article about #Mastodon that's trending on LinkedIn, can you retweet it on the birdsite as well? Here is the link to the Tweet:

Typo of the day:
"git ass" instead of "git add"

we want to #hire someone to polish some of our #css and #html over at - come and #work with us at our #berlin HQ.

you can ping me right here - or retoot if you know someone who might know someone, thanks!


Hello everyone I'd like to introduce the new @ambassador from

This is my attempt to fix the followbot problem. If you're an instance admin, you can install an ambassador bot on your instance.

The bot will boost the most popular toots from your instance. Someone can follow your ambassador to have your instance's best content added to their federated feed.

Feedback welcome, code here:

yay! Tusky works with

don't know who to thank, but thanks

Richard Stallman's account, in case you want to follow him :heart:

Creative artists, musicians, filmmakers, illustrators, game designers, etc., I have created a public google doc to help facilitate finding and following each other. Please add yourself to this if you'd like to network in these interests!

Please boost so more creative folks see!

#art #music #design #animation #games #movies #mograph

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