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Someone asks you to write unethical code
1. Document that shit
2. Discuss the ethical implications and try to get them to reconsider
3. If you can afford to refuse please do
4. Blow the fucking whistle, a number of news sites have secure drops twitter.com/lindseybieda/statu

a numbers station that only says “420,” “69” and “nice” at random intervals

a game about running around petting friendly ghost dogs, Bark Souls


Also increasingly suspicious Weezer’s been Inferior USA Sloan this entire time, but no one’s ever told me.

Considering I can’t really Math, I absolutely do love me a polemic all dressed up in Math.

The Difference Between Free/Libre and Open Source

“Free/Libre = Open Source + Ethics
Open Source = Free/Libre - Ethics”

—Christophe Lafon-Roudier, @Framasoft

"If you give a book to someone else you no longer have the book, but if you give them knowledge or know-how you still have them, much like giving someone love."

- James Paul Gee, _Introducing Discourse Analysis_ p. 32 worldcat.org/oclc/1007529754

We have plenty of "how-to's", but I see a distinct lack of "why-for's". It's very good to know *how* to do something, but I think it's equally important to know *why* to do something.

Not sure where it came from, but I've got a version of Crass's "Do they owe us a living?" running through my head with "living" replaced by "library."

It's such a weird form of salty to be disappointed in someone's seemingly willful misreading and also disappointed in the author's original writing.

Probably part of why I have a hard time finishing my own writing.

Realizing that my semi-vacation this week has given me perspective on work & school & family and also put extra time pressure on multiple projects & things.

It’s almost like stuff can be complex, multifaceted, & even somewhat internally contradictory.

A BLACK WOMAN-OWNED non-profit is currently 2nd trying to get a $7000 grant. Her org provides STEM workshops, Spanish, & meditation classes for BLACK GIRLS in Phoenix. Please vote for them each day so they can win. Please RT.

I wonder if people with perfect pitch feel about their sensory attention the way I increasingly feel about perceiving low text contrast on websites. Pointing each error out would feel incredibly obnoxious, but I see it almost everywhere.

🎼 Seasonal affective disorder, my old friend
Seems you’ve come to visit me again

's skyline looked pretty good tonight!

(I'm still learning how to use this low-light photo app; the foreground/light contrast looked much starker to my eyes than in this pic.)

Stoked to realize I might actually be pulling off this part-time Ph.D. thing. If my past credits transfer correctly & the class schedule aligns next semester, it should be the last I'll have to commute across the state once a week for classes.

Looking forward to focusing on actually researching & writing, if I do get that far. Even after a year, it still feels so shaky I rarely mention it beyond coworkers.

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