Episode 24: Get Organized!

@mlemweb returns from handing in her dissertation! @mlemweb and @cwebber talk topically about organizational systems which can help you stay focused when eg working from home or finishing your PhD (even in a global pandemic)!

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While I haven't used a Hipster PDA, I think there is a real value (and enjoyment) to writing things with actual pen and paper, and I have been increasing my use of handwritten 'notebook'-type things.

However, for permanency and something like "indexibility" ("findability"?), I've really been enjoying Org-roam.

I've used Org-mode for ages, including doing notes in it and even "journalling" a little bit. But I've found Org-mode was sort of hard and cumbersome for looking things up (especially as my file grew bigger and bigger), and I hardly ever referred back to anything I wrote in my entries.

Because of the way it handles linking (and backlinking), Org-roam is excellent for discoverability, and (sometimes emergent) subject/topic organisation. And the searches are not only faster but better than what I had before using monolithic Org-mode files.

Org-roam is supposed to be at least vaguely Zettelkasten-like in design, but I don't know that I necessarily follow Zettelkasten best practices.

For me, the utility of Org-roam is that further reduces the mental effort it takes me to transfer something from my head to a more reliable container, and to be able to do so in a way that I'm able to get back to it later. Which means I'm more likely to actually bother to make a note.

(I've even been using Org-roam for quick notes "on the go", as it works fine in Emacs running in Termux too, and .org files are easily synced between devices with Syncthing.)

[I haven't quite figured the relation between my handwritten things and Org(-roam/mode) fully, but I do try to transfer anything important into Org somehow.]

@emacsomancer @fossandcrafts @mlemweb The part of my org-mode system has always been the weakest. This looks like a good solution for it.

@cwebber I've been finding it really useful! It's greatly improved both my note-taking frequency and my notes themselves.

@fossandcrafts @mlemweb
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