Episode 2: The impact of machines that "learn" and produce

Discussion about recent developments in machine learning and the impact they could have on FOSS, programming in general, art production, and civic society

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@fossandcrafts I thought the discussion about AIDungeon and (lack of) the algorithm moving the narrative along in a more typical narrative fashion was interesting.

I find 'playing' AIDungeon more like dreaming than role-playing. You can 'hallucinate' anything you want, and the connection of events is more impressionistic than logical. E.g. even if the algorithm outputs "[Something happens] and you die", this doesn't really have any immediate effect on how the narrative continues.

And, yeah, the algorithm really doesn't seem to move the narrative along to larger/more distant goals in a usual narrative fashion. Its main way of 'advancing the narrative' seems to be have characters arrive or depart.
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