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Hi! For the purpose of this introduction post I'm anthropomorphized from an abstract collection of audio to an excited fediverse participant!!

I'm a podcast co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber exploring the intersection of user freedom on computers and crafting things! I put out episodes about all sorts of stuff ranging from historical textile production to chiptunes to making software!

Maybe you like that kind of thing you might listen maybe?!? No pressure kthx bai <3

This week we've got another RPG episode of @fossandcrafts! Our band of misfits were born with an identity crisis; tag along as they seek answers to life's questions such as: "What are Goblins?" "Who is cutting down the trees?" and "Will you be my friend?"

We're back with another episode of @fossandcrafts!

The What Goblins Saga, Chapter 1: What Are Goblins?

Another fun storytelling episode... and more of a deep exploration of some of the overarching themes of @fossandcrafts than you might expect (which will become even more clear in the chapters to come, too!)

@fossandcrafts: I loved your recent episode on Spritely! I saw Chris posting about Spritely before but I didn't really understand it, and so now I have so much more context than before and it sounds awesome! Also, the car recording was just fine for me 👍

10: [Theatre] The What Goblins Saga, Chapter 1: What Are Goblins?

Everyone claims "our goblins are different" but The What Goblins seem different to the point of existential crisis. They're about to find more answers than expected... and more questions...

We've been proud to have gotten an episode out every week since launching F&C, but this week @mlemweb and @cwebber are very busy preparing for ActivityPub Conf and RacketCon and needed a break. Sorry, new episode next Thursday!

After a truly exhausting week, @cwebber and I didn't have the time to fully prepare an episode, so we just made a brief outline of questions for me to ask and Chris talked about their current project, Spritely ... as we drove to the bank!

New episode of @fossandcrafts where we go into detail about what this "Spritely" project I've been working on to advance the fediverse

If you're interested in what Spritely is, this is probably the best explanation I've given so far! (Though we were also super rushed this week, so this episode is recorded from the car while we were running an errand! Now you get to hear about Spritely... semi-unscripted!!)

(ok we did have an outline taped to the steering wheel)

Episode 9: What is Spritely?

Learn about the system @cwebber has been working on the last few years to "level up" the decentralized social web!

♻️ Stefano Zacchiroli, CTO at Software Heritage, is the first guest to come on FOSS and Crafts!…

Episode 8: Stefano Zacchiroli on preserving source code at Software Heritage…

We are SO EXCITED to have @zacchiro on as our first guest on FOSS & Crafts! The conversation about Software Heritage in relation to other GLAM institutions is so perfect for the show!

@fossandcrafts It is only the best kind of podcast that dedicates a whole episode to explaining the thought process, iterations, and decades of personal, technological and cultural developments behind its own theme music. It was perfect.

@cwebber @zacchiro @mlemweb It was great listening to the three of you! I liked the Guix plug ;-) and how you managed to clearly explain connections with library archival, reproducible research, and even content-addressed storage (and planes :-)). 👍

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts, @zacchiro talks to us about Software Heritage as Cultural Heritage and the impacts and challenges of archiving source code

Episode 8: Stefano Zacchiroli on preserving source code at Software Heritage

We are SO EXCITED to have @zacchiro on as our first guest on FOSS & Crafts! The conversation about Software Heritage in relation to other GLAM institutions is so perfect for the show!

Ahahahaha... we have such amazing episodes of @fossandcrafts coming up, I am so excited

Does our band of demons succeed in containing the missing creatures? Does my shoulder demon incite more anarchy? And most importantly, how did the gummy bear cross the road? Find the answers to these questions and more on the conclusion to our first free-culture RPG session!

Episode 7 of @fossandcrafts: What Escaped from the Demonic Z.O.O.O.O. (part 2)!

The thrilling conclusion of the first ever story from FOSS and Crafts Theatre (our experimental sub-show where we generate new free culture content using narrative RPGs)!

What do people think of this experimental sub-show? Was it fun, worth doing more of? Input welcome!

(We'll be back next week with more normal FOSS / crafty discussion!)

Episode 7: [Theatre] What Escaped from the Demonic Z.O.O.O.O. (part 2)

Our trio of office demons head out to confront the mysterious lampmorel creature directly. What dangers await them? And just what are their corporate overlords keeping from them?

Find out in this thrilling conclusion!

"Available on all streaming platforms"

Define "all", dear marketing speaking entity.

(Note: this is not a call for you to tell me your favorite streaming platform, or how much you don't like any of these options because a) I don't use any of them and b) I don't care.)

This week's episode of F&C is a bit different. We took our own advice from episode 1 and recorded a narrative RPG to create free culture content!

If you like my manic pixie nightmare shoulder demon, I've got good news: I'm also writing a short story about her and her shoulder angel counterpart! I'll also release this CC-By-SA

First ever episode of the "FOSS & Crafts Theatre" sub-show... a live Freeform Universal RPG (which I'm GM'ing) featuring a trio of demonic corporate office workers for an interdimensional corporation. What Escaped from the Demonic Z.O.O.O.... part 1 of 2!

This episode ended up *hilarious* and I laughed so much not only while recording but also while editing. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did!

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