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Hi! For the purpose of this introduction post I'm anthropomorphized from an abstract collection of audio to an excited fediverse participant!!

I'm a podcast co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber exploring the intersection of user freedom on computers and crafting things! I put out episodes about all sorts of stuff ranging from historical textile production to chiptunes to making software!

Maybe you like that kind of thing you might listen maybe?!? No pressure kthx bai <3

Things as busy as they possibly can be over here; @mlemweb is blasting towards end of dissertation and @cwebber is laying down the pieces to enable the next big phase of @spritelyproject.

Which means, the next episode will be out in March. Sorry for the hiatus; wish us luck!

I've been swamped with dissertation work recently, so on this week's episode of @fossandcrafts @cwebber and their brother Steve make the case that that they're two distinct individuals by laying out a framework of fuzzy and crisp systems (or Steve and Chris systems).

My brother Steve and I like to engage in what we call "nerdouts": deep dives into nerdy subjects. While @mlemweb is busy with the last stages of her situation, we took over @fossandcrafts, and now such a nerdout is audience-facing!

This episode is kind of meta: an analysis not only about fuzzy and crisp *systems*, but the way Steve and I approach thinking about system design from opposite approaches, converging in the middle (hopefully)!

Episode 23: Nerdout! Fuzzy and crisp systems

@mlemweb is in the last stages of her dissertation so @cwebber's brother Steve joins as special guest co-host, with the two diving straight for the weeds: analyzing "fuzzy" vs "crisp" systems!

@shapr @fossandcrafts @cwebber

We're all holding cheap toy guns that we got from thrift stores and upcycled into steampunk ray guns :)

Thank you! I was rather fond of those wings! (except that I kept getting stuck on other people's costumes as I passed them in the hallway)

In our latest episode, we we encourage listeners to send us pictures of their historical crafts:

@mlemweb started a thread over here:

But if you've been making historical crafts, we want to see them!


Regency attire with @cwebber (I made both costumes ... though we couldn't find appropriate stockings for Chris's breeches)

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My Roman persona, Amelia Clara, for the SCA including a nodus (the hairstyle popularized by the empress Livia) based off of a Janet Stephens tutorial

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Roman two-beam upright loom. It is almost ready to weave on, but my heddle jacks are too short to create a sufficient shed, so i have to extend them before I can start weaving.

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At the end of this week's episode of @fossandcrafts I invite people to send us pictures of their historical crafts/experimental archaeology/historical reenactments/etc so I figured I'd start it out. Here are some of the craft projects I talked about in the episode!

We'll start with me spinning on a Turkish drop spindle

Crafting, costuming, history, archaeology, and social engagement ... this week's episode of @fossandcrafts is the intersection of my favorite things!

New episode of @fossandcrafts: "Crafting the past... or trying to!"

We spend some time talking about historical crafting for fun, for education, and/or for entertainment/immersion. There's both positives and potential negatives to this, the latter especially involving awareness about what (or who) might be missing...

Anyway! There have been a few me-oriented episodes lately... nice to do a much more @mlemweb oriented one ;)

Episode 22: Crafting the past... or trying to!

@mlemweb and @cwebber explore crafting the past through experiential historical crafts, experimental archaeology, and historical reenactment. What can be gained? What pitfalls might we avoid?

@cwebber @fossandcrafts @mlemweb @craigmaloney

aww :blobcatheart: ! That was really nice to listen your interview of @vickysteeves ; and a big thanks for the end note! You can't imagine how it helps to hear that during my long days of production 👍

@cwebber @fossandcrafts

Yes, thank you SO MUCH @schluff !! I was beyond humbled to be the first requested guest 🖤

New episode of @fossandcrafts! @mlemweb and I are joined by @vickysteeves to talk about open and reproducible research, FOSS and library sciences, and even a conversation about what the FOSS world can learn from game modding communities!

My favorite episodes are ones that emphasize interdisciplinarity and gosh does this episode ever meet that criteria!

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts we talk with @vickysteeves about opening everything in academic research (source, data, methods, documentation, etc).

It was also great to have a chat with someone whose interests in academics, computing, and fiber arts intersect so much with my own!

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