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Hi! For the purpose of this introduction post I'm anthropomorphized from an abstract collection of audio to an excited fediverse participant!!

I'm a podcast co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber exploring the intersection of user freedom on computers and crafting things! I put out episodes about all sorts of stuff ranging from historical textile production to chiptunes to making software!

Maybe you like that kind of thing you might listen maybe?!? No pressure kthx bai <3

@mlemweb @fossandcrafts Lies and slander... I did not malign solitaire in either episode!
- In the "Computing Hygiene" episode I talked about how to make solitaire *safe to run* in an untrusted environment
- In this episode we talk about how the game "Hanabi" is a kind of "inverse solitaire"...

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts, @cwebber's brother Steve fills in for me and they talk about society through the microcosms of boardgames!

(and Chris apparently continues their campaign maligning solitaire)

New @fossandcrafts episode: "Nerdout! Game Design and Social Systems"

This is a long running topic of conversation between Steve and I... I think the "How do game mechanics, uncertainty, and narrative map onto governance, society, and citizen participation?" is a useful narrative at least for me to think about... hopefully others too.

Episode 27: Nerdout! Game Design and Social Systems

Steve is back, and talks with @cwebber about social systems viewed through the lens of game design! How do game mechanics, uncertainty, and narrative map onto governance, society, and citizen participation?


really wanna get together some people for a game night and just run an off-the-cuff game using Freeform Universal...

I've really been enjoying the @fossandcrafts Theater episodes using it and it seems to jive well with the kind of games I ideally like to play when TTRPGing

the question is whether to use the classic rules (which I basically learned from above podcast but also just read to make sure I understood) or the FU2 beta rules. i should probably read the new rules before deciding

ahhh just recorded an episode of @fossandcrafts with @glasnt! SO fun!!! πŸͺ‘✨

I defended my dissertation one week ago! To commemorate this feat, @cwebber and I decided to make a podcast episode about my graduate school experience.

If you or someone you know is interested in pursing a graduate degree, hopefully this anecdotal account will help!

I'm very excited that *Dr.* @mlemweb has come to the end of her graduate school journey, spanning about a decade across her masters and PhD programs both! So we did a @fossandcrafts episode about it!

This might be a useful episode if you're interested in graduate school and want to hear more about the process! Everyone's journey is different, and here is @mlemweb's!

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @fossandcrafts - Unusual podcast about FOSS, handicrafts and related stuff

🌟 @LimeSurvey - Free open self-hostable alternative to SurveyMonkey, Google Forms etc.

🌟 @smartyflix - Videos about technology, tech history and pop culture

🌟 @evilscientistca - Research astronomer who posts amazing photos of stars, galaxies etc taken with observatory telescopes

🌟 @johannc - Artist drawing intricate detailed cartoons using Libre software

@fossandcrafts Finished listening to this today. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of the discussion. Thank you!

Episode 26: Dr. Morgan Lemmer-Webber, an academic journey

@mlemweb gets a PhD and we talk about that whoooooole long process

@fossandcrafts Thank you. I really liked it. It was super interesting and contains a real lesson about gouvernance in FLOSS projects, org and foundations.

@cwebber @fossandcrafts Wow! I'm extremely impressed with how you navigated this issue!

I don't know whether I've managed to do so well, so I'll just point people to this link.

This week we're using current events to think through the larger structures of governance and leadership within the FOSS world and how founder's syndrome effects communities that are inherently based on freedom

We released a new episode of @fossandcrafts about "Governance, Leadership, and Founder's Syndrome"

But it's also about the surprise reinstatement of RMS to the FSF board, seen through that framework.

I don't know what to say other than: this wasn't an easy episode for me to record. But we thought it was important. We tried our best to address this within a thoughtful framework that also lasts beyond the current moment. I hope we did okay.

@mlemweb @fossandcrafts @cwebber Since you all wanted to see others' systems, here's how my girlfriend and I handle weekly meal planning!

I'm several months behind and listening to 22 crafting the past and I realized (I'm sure I'm not the first) that a catch-all costume for Ren faires or battle reenactments is a star trek costume with tricorder.

FOSS and Crafts is an off-beat podcast about free open software, making stuff, handicrafts and related topics. You can follow at:

➑️ @fossandcrafts

The website is at

The presenters are also on the Fediverse at @mlemweb and @cwebber

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25: Governance, Leadership, and Founder's Syndrome

What is governance? To what degree are leaders within a governing institution subject to its rules? We use this framework to discuss the unexpected announcement of RMS's re-appointment to the FSF board.

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts We talk about the homebrewed systems of organization that @cwebber and I use to keep on task while working from home, writing a dissertation, and just functioning during a pandemic.

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