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Hi! For the purpose of this introduction post I'm anthropomorphized from an abstract collection of audio to an excited fediverse participant!!

I'm a podcast co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber exploring the intersection of user freedom on computers and crafting things! I put out episodes about all sorts of stuff ranging from historical textile production to chiptunes to making software!

Maybe you like that kind of thing you might listen maybe?!? No pressure kthx bai <3

Our next @fossandcrafts Hack & Craft is happening in just over 3 hours at 8pm EDT/1 UTC!

Tonight I'm working on figuring out a crochet pattern for a turtle hat, if it turns out well I might try to release a 'free soft wear' pattern for it on my blog!

Listening to @fossandcrafts's episode on "FOSS stitch" while stitching a slogan coming out of the FOSS community feels very full circle ⭕

Happy first week of December everybody! We'll be having a Hack & Craft event this Saturday at 20:00-22:00 EDT*

Due to @mlemweb and @cwebber traveling for the holidays, there will not be a H&C on the third Saturday of Dec.

*This is Sunday 01:00-03:00 UTC

Woo woo, new episode of @fossandcrafts, with updates about @spritelyproject!

We've been getting requests for another Spritely related episode, so here you go! There's a lot of exciting stuff going on, tried to compress as much information as possible into a succinct episode. I hope people find it interesting/helpful!

Episode 38: Spritely Updates! (November 2021)

It's time for some updates on @spritelyproject and its work to advance decentralized networking technology! There's a lot to discuss including @tsyesika joining the project, a port to Guile, and more!

Hack & Craft starting in just under 4 hours!

Today I'm going to be teaching my friend how to crochet, then we'll be crocheting during the H&C! Hurray for peer-to-peer instruction!

Hack & Craft in a little less than four hours!

Hm, I think I'm going to work on sketching some creatures or just doing some Spritely coding, but I'm not sure which! Looking forward to seeing what others are working on!

Oh wow! The third weekend of November snuck up on me! That means that we're hosting another Hack & Craft event tomorrow at 14:00-16:00 EDT (**19:00-21:00 UTC)

I hope to see you there as we talk about FOSS and work on some crafts!

** Note: The daylight savings time switch happened since the last H&C and we're going by EDT, so make sure you account for that when figuring out your local time! **

Here's a (non-exhaustive) reference timetable:

Join us tomorrow evening* at 20:00-22:00 EDT for Hack & Craft, the @fossandcrafts
community event that falls somewhere between a user group and a stitch and bitch!

Not sure what I'll be working on yet, but probably something textile related!

*This is officially Sunday 0:00-2:00 UTC

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, which means we're hosting a Hack & Craft tomorrow* from 8-10pm EDT:

Let's talk about user freedom and make things together!

*This is officially Sunday Nov 7 from 0:00-2:00 UTC

If you'll be at and want to check out the Hack and Craft tomorrow evening, this will be at 5pm PDT, after 's keynote. Feel free to hop in and out if you're attending other Saturday night conference sessions!

Thanks @fossandcrafts @mlemweb and @cwebber ! Yay to having just enough prompting to push an update to ye olde website... Look forward to ingesting this after #SeaGL2021 ! Can't wait to see you and everyone else @SeaGL ! #bigandlittleFfree #FLOSS #SpeakerLife #freesoftware #opensource

@mark I know someone who can talk you more INTO it (and who did a PhD in similar topics!) - @mlemweb

and also the podcast she does with her spouse - @fossandcrafts

New episode of @fossandcrafts! Episode 37: Salt on Resilience in FOSS

Back from our month long hiatus! And what a way to come back! It was great talking with @salt, and his thesis was legit a delight to read and talk about!

It also changed my perspective: "crisis events" *can* mean the end of a community, but they can also be an opportunity?!

Episode 37: Salt on Resilience in FOSS

@salt joins us to talk about his master's dissertation on the resilience of FOSS communities in the face of crisis events, and the kinds of long term impact "founder decisions" can have!

About to speak at CC Global Summit with @mlemweb about "FOSS & Crafting the Commons" with @mlemweb about, unsurprisingly, @fossandcrafts!

Starting in 10 mins! See you there, I hope!

I was so busy working on irl craft projects this week (and therefore not on my computer) that I forgot to post about this week's @fossandcrafts Hack & Craft until today! I hope to see you there!

Tomorrow at 14:00-16:00 EDT (18:00-20:00 UTC)

I'll be continuing my knitting project from the last H&C (though I've changed the pattern a bit since then)

It's the third week of the month! That means that we've got a Hack & Craft event tomorrow from 14:00-16:00 EDT (18:00-20:00 UTC). We hope you'll join us for this hybrid user group and craft circle!

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