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Why do we need to use a third party service to embed a pdf on a website? Shouldn't there be a HTML tag for that, like img for images?


I've used since 2006 – with 2 – and I loved Gnome 3 from the first time I used it. Not sure when that was, but I've always found it so much better than anything else. Every time I've tried something else, I've missed it and gone back.

After so many years of getting so much joy out of Gnome, and after trying quite a few times, I've finally found a way to donate from Norway:

You should toss a few coins their way also, if they've made your life better too

Very interesting website I found:

Seems to just have articles on all kinds of random stuff.

Found it while looking for some information about Talos in the greek mythology, and got to this article, which seems like a great recap (but do remember that I'm very far from an expert on this story!)

Linux help:

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 21.04 and working WiFi. But I want to give it to my mother, and just switch out the SSD from her old laptop to this "new" one, so she won't have to get used to anything new.

But her SSD is running Zorin OS, and when I put that one into the "new" laptop the WiFi is not working…

So: Is there some wireless driver files on Ubuntu that I can copy over to the Zorin SSD to get WiFi to work? How do I find them?

Thanks a ton!

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Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.

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a brief history:

3 guys create dotCloud during Y Combinator Summer batch 2010
rename to "Docker" and debut at PyCon 2013, released as open source
2014: Windows Server, IBM Cloud, and AWS announce collaborations, raise $15M Series B from Greylock Partners, IVP, Benchmark, Trinity
Federal agencies and In-Q-Tel (CIA) invest and/or maintain contracts since 2016
in 2019, secured $35 million in new financing to restructure
4 months ago, Docker Raises $23MM series B
and finally, today: after granting it admin rights upon initial installation, Docker started asking for $5/mo from me to not install software every day

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Jeg vet ikke hva dette er, men den var gratis i skolehage i går, så nå er den i "hagen" min.

Geitmyra er en helt utrolig oase i byen. Hvis du har i år må du ta en tur innom på !

The notifications timeline always looks like I have something unread in it. This must be a bug, right?

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This is pretty cool.

"In the Order, the President:
Encourages the FTC to issue rules against anticompetitive restrictions on using independent repair shops or doing DIY repairs of your own devices and equipment."… FACT SHEET: Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy

You know how previously when you went to a website with pictures in it you would have to load the full quality version of the pic from the start and it would be shown to you line by line, or the whole thing would load before any of it showed up?

But now pictures shows up in a really low quality version first, and then gets better and better.

This torrent would work the same way, but you would be able to decide when the quality is good enough and you want to stop loading it.

3/2, I guess

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Would it not be possible to create some sort of video codec/torrent hybrid thing, where there's just one torrent everyone uses, no matter which quality they want?

So when you open the torrent you get asked which quality you want, and then just the relevant bits gets downloaded?

This way the disappearance of a work would be much less likely. Also you could d/l fast first and"upgrade" your copy at any time, or choose to seed higher quality versions later

Would this be possible?

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Better video distribution? 1/2

Ok, I'm thinking that the fact that there are a ton of different torrents out there all for the same videos, just in different qualities, is a big problem. The seeders gets spread out thin and after a few years, or less for more niche culture, there might not be enough seeders on a single torrent for it to stay alive, even though there would be enough all together.

It's like we're burning the library of Alexandria all over again, just from inefficient technology.

Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

I have to add that I totally agree that children can and should be allowed to just be friends! Grown ups always demanding that there's some sort of romantic love involved every time is bad, kinda gross. But there's so much more than the relationship between the two boys, which I tried to describe in my thread. Here might be a better text about it:

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

It seems like hashtags above the spoiler line doesn't work as hashtags? So let me just add it here too:

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

On top of all this of course it was a compelling story which where both funny and visually beautiful.

Unfortunately I'm almost positive it did not pass the Bechdel test. And the two main characters could've been female... Though, male queer people might have asomewhat harder time being accepted and so it might be better they where boys?

Anyway it was really, really great, and I just needed to talk about it!

If you've seen it please give me your thoughts

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

(unfortunately a female semi-main character is something to be happy about, there are too many movies where only men are active and important), and then there was the biking! So much biking! Both for (business related) transportation and for sport. Amazing! Bikes almost doesn't exist at all in culture, and the influence culture has on people makes this terrible. I actually try to make a list of films etc that use bikes, because there's so little of it.

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

The transformation, having to hide from the "normal people" who fear you and hate you, the way the two boys helped each other become confident, the fear of loosing your friend to a new person in their life. It was all so great!

But on top of that there also was a disabled person who was just disabled without that being a plot point, how often do you see that? A girl semi-main character, whose enthusiasm for science and space infected the main character,

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

I mean wow, it had (almost) everything!

A classic story of a youngster defying parents and old traditions to find his true colors, but this time it was so obvious that the colors where queer (whatever Pixar says), and it was beautiful! And heart breaking when fear made him use the colors against his friend. But then, when love won over fear of the different, and the old ladies dared show their colors too – for the first time! 😍

But there was more...

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