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If you're not American, ask yourself:

If America has a second Civil War - for example, if the Qanon Republicans pull another Jan 6 but this time it works - which faction will end up controlling Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure?

Do you want to bet your entire country's economy and data privacy on American Cloud systems always being operated by a friendly nation? Or even always a "not actually currently in a shooting war with us" nation?

Ten years from now? Twenty years from now?

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All Good Causes™ that has a webshop should also have an "add as much as you want as a donation" item in the shop (like The Satanic Temple have in their shop).

I just bought a couple of @gnome stickers from them, and I could've added a donation on top of that – if they'd let me.

Oh yeah, and another character says he doesn't have a driver's license because he never needed it, living his whole life in the big city, which is great!

This is the kind of normalization of not driving that we need in popular culture!

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There's also a small moment where a character, living in the city, promotes using car sharing instead of owning a car, and says biking is faster than driving in the city. Which often is true, and probably also was true in that situation, though I felt like it was played a bit as a joke. So it wasn't perfect, but it was great that it was mentioned at least halfway in a positive light.

The series is called , btw, and it won two prices in the Cannes International Series Festival

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The Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has created quite the nice little series about some Muslims moving to a small farm in a small town, making halal cheese and… something else. It plays on stereotypes and prejudices, but it goes in interesting directions and is obviously against hate.

But it is also the first Norwegian series I can remember seeing where a main character uses !

He uses Firefox in what seems to be Linux Mint, though I'm not totally sure.

Simplenote is refusing to fix a bug I reported that is stopping me from logging in anywhere, so that I only have access trough the app where I'm already logged in.

So I'm looking for a replacement, and wondering if anyone have any recommendations. Should be simple, accessible trough PC and phone, export friendly, preferably FOSS.

I'm thinking of paying for Standard Notes. Any thoughts on that? Have you tried it?

Do you have any old phones just laying around? Now you can get money towards buying a new Fairphone 4 by sending them in:

An undamaged Fairphone 2 nets you €40 in gift card towards a new Fairphone 4, or other stuff from the Fairphone store.

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Nextcloud is present at two 😍 events today!

NUUG event in Norway about Open Source, Privacy and Digital Sovereignty by @fkarlitschek
Livestream at 18:30 ➡️

TEDx Venlo in the Netherlands - Privacy is progress!
Livestream 14:30 ➡️

OMG, the film Cry-baby starts with the most amazing vaccination scene!

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You can view a Mastodon user's public posts with a particular hashtag by adding /tagged/(hashtag) on the end of their public URL:

(account's public URL)/tagged/(tag)

For example, @FediFollows posts with the hashtag #Art can be viewed at:

You can find the public URL of a Mastodon account by going to its profile and clicking on the avatar image.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Feditips #Hashtags #Fediverse

I was just going to throw some trash in the garbage when I found this white bag half filled with totally fine, clean clothes.

I checked the other trash cans and found like five almost new looking pants. So I put the pants in the white bag and got a big, black trash bag where I've gathered clothes I've found in the trash at other times, and I walked over to my local Red Cross donation box, a few hundred meters away.

We are drowning in luxury here in . Send help.

One thing I'm really missing in Mastodon is any kind of hint in my timeline when a particular toot is part of a thread. It's terribly useful to know if I'll find more thoughts on the same thing if I click on the toot or not, and when I forget that there's no such hint on Mastodon I get quite confused when I see a toot that makes no sense out of context.

Oh, and it's 3101 words long. 18 234 characters w/spaces.

At the moment. I'm very curious to see what happens in the editing process. If they still want it after seeing it.

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I've finally sent in a text I've been thinking about writing for years(!) and worked on on and off for months(!) (mostly off, but still it's been many, many hours of work).

It soon became apparent that it would be too long to fit in a normal newspaper opinion page, so I spent quite some time trying to find a fitting journal/magazine.

I found one for the audience I'm trying to reach, and they've been v positive. But I haven't showed them anything of the text til now, so here's hoping…

Just saw that The Talos Principle is 85% off right now, and it's among the most amazing philosophical games ever, so I had to mention it.

Also, Not A Hero is 80% off, and that's just plain, stupid fun.

Also, some of the money goes to charity. More so when you use my links than otherwise, because the partner/referral is a charity.

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Added eight DRM-free bookshops to the list this month.

Find ebooks, digital comics, magazines, and RPGs to actually own, keep, and read on your favourite devices.

is a totally amazing free wikifarm, built entirely on . I have two wikis on it, and I'm having at least two more ideas I'd love to have wikis for.

So when they need help to stay afloat, I give toss them a few coins, and encourage you to do the same

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