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Better video distribution? 1/2

Ok, I'm thinking that the fact that there are a ton of different torrents out there all for the same videos, just in different qualities, is a big problem. The seeders gets spread out thin and after a few years, or less for more niche culture, there might not be enough seeders on a single torrent for it to stay alive, even though there would be enough all together.

It's like we're burning the library of Alexandria all over again, just from inefficient technology.

Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

I have to add that I totally agree that children can and should be allowed to just be friends! Grown ups always demanding that there's some sort of romantic love involved every time is bad, kinda gross. But there's so much more than the relationship between the two boys, which I tried to describe in my thread. Here might be a better text about it:

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

It seems like hashtags above the spoiler line doesn't work as hashtags? So let me just add it here too:

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

On top of all this of course it was a compelling story which where both funny and visually beautiful.

Unfortunately I'm almost positive it did not pass the Bechdel test. And the two main characters could've been female... Though, male queer people might have asomewhat harder time being accepted and so it might be better they where boys?

Anyway it was really, really great, and I just needed to talk about it!

If you've seen it please give me your thoughts

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

(unfortunately a female semi-main character is something to be happy about, there are too many movies where only men are active and important), and then there was the biking! So much biking! Both for (business related) transportation and for sport. Amazing! Bikes almost doesn't exist at all in culture, and the influence culture has on people makes this terrible. I actually try to make a list of films etc that use bikes, because there's so little of it.

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

The transformation, having to hide from the "normal people" who fear you and hate you, the way the two boys helped each other become confident, the fear of loosing your friend to a new person in their life. It was all so great!

But on top of that there also was a disabled person who was just disabled without that being a plot point, how often do you see that? A girl semi-main character, whose enthusiasm for science and space infected the main character,

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Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

I mean wow, it had (almost) everything!

A classic story of a youngster defying parents and old traditions to find his true colors, but this time it was so obvious that the colors where queer (whatever Pixar says), and it was beautiful! And heart breaking when fear made him use the colors against his friend. But then, when love won over fear of the different, and the old ladies dared show their colors too – for the first time! 😍

But there was more...

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if i had infinite time and $$ I would start some kind of FOIA requestor proxy swap app that will match you with a fellow public sector worker who desperately wants to FOIA their institution but too scared of blow back to have their name attached to the request. If you match, you agree to fulfill each other's requests and the data goes back into the app for all to see.

"Welcome to the leading educational Internet site for finding, buying, selling and learning about Antique Bottles! If you want to learn more about a particular category of bottle, or simply find out "how much is my old bottle worth?", then you've come to the right place."


I found this via the amazing Wiby search engine, that only indexes tiny, niche websites of all sorts.

Longing for the good, old days of the web? Try

«I know it goes against everything we’ve been told about art. But maybe sometimes when they tell you “be subtle” they mean “sit down, be quiet, good doggie” – maybe sometimes when they tell you not to be so open in what you’re talking about, they’re really telling you not to talk about something because it’s inconvenient for them.»

Anyways, you should definitely check out The Conversation from time to time:

I also just now noticed that they have a podcast, and I will absolutely subscribe to it. It's called The Conversation Weekly.

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The Conversation is a fantastic website with science based articles by university people with expertise in the field, and lots of links to sources. No ads and they let you republish their articles for free!

It's really a gem among websites!

But @creativecommons should have a talk with them. They claim to use CC BY-ND license, but their guidelines 1) doesn't say you need to mention the license, which CC demands and 2) demands extra things, like a tracking pixel, which I'm not sure CC allows?

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#Mozilla #CommonVoice wishes to gain 500000 new contributions by July 20th. Sounds huge to me, but maybe it can happen!
Common Voice is a really cool project attempting to collect recordings from people of all ages, genders, dialects, etc. so that future speech recognition can become more reliable, and so that we do not need to depend on things like Google's captioning service. If you care about #accessibility, #privacy or just like reading out or listening to random sentences, please optionally make an account (to help make the data more easily searchable) and contribute.
This absolutely does not go just for English speakers, BTW. English is doing just fine. If you speak any other languages, please help add, record and sort sentences in it, instead. For example, the Slovenian database is growing, slowly but surely!
Edit: Fixing typos. Sorry!

I found an interesting wiki with "9,189 resources and solutions for , appropriate technology, poverty alleviation, and more!"

The last of us: Robbing your buddy Bill blind

"For my part, I abominate all honorable respectable toils, trials, and tribulations of every kind whatsoever. It is quite as much as I can do to take care of myself, without taking care of ships, barques, brigs, schooners, and what not"

I get you, Ishmael

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