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if i had infinite time and $$ I would start some kind of FOIA requestor proxy swap app that will match you with a fellow public sector worker who desperately wants to FOIA their institution but too scared of blow back to have their name attached to the request. If you match, you agree to fulfill each other's requests and the data goes back into the app for all to see.

"Welcome to the leading educational Internet site for finding, buying, selling and learning about Antique Bottles! If you want to learn more about a particular category of bottle, or simply find out "how much is my old bottle worth?", then you've come to the right place."


I found this via the amazing Wiby search engine, that only indexes tiny, niche websites of all sorts.

Longing for the good, old days of the web? Try

«I know it goes against everything we’ve been told about art. But maybe sometimes when they tell you “be subtle” they mean “sit down, be quiet, good doggie” – maybe sometimes when they tell you not to be so open in what you’re talking about, they’re really telling you not to talk about something because it’s inconvenient for them.»

Anyways, you should definitely check out The Conversation from time to time:

I also just now noticed that they have a podcast, and I will absolutely subscribe to it. It's called The Conversation Weekly.

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The Conversation is a fantastic website with science based articles by university people with expertise in the field, and lots of links to sources. No ads and they let you republish their articles for free!

It's really a gem among websites!

But @creativecommons should have a talk with them. They claim to use CC BY-ND license, but their guidelines 1) doesn't say you need to mention the license, which CC demands and 2) demands extra things, like a tracking pixel, which I'm not sure CC allows?

I found an interesting wiki with "9,189 resources and solutions for , appropriate technology, poverty alleviation, and more!"

The last of us: Robbing your buddy Bill blind

"For my part, I abominate all honorable respectable toils, trials, and tribulations of every kind whatsoever. It is quite as much as I can do to take care of myself, without taking care of ships, barques, brigs, schooners, and what not"

I get you, Ishmael

Thanks to some very helpful and patient people on the Ubuntu IRC channel I got my pc working again, without having to reinstall!

Did you know that with the command chroot you can control the OS on a computer's hard drive, while running on a live USB? But first you have to mount the drive in a very specific way, not just trough the Disks GUI application. I didn't, until now.

Thank you FOSS community!

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[Image] if you spend too much time regretting the paths you didn’t take in the past, you might miss the many paths still ahead

@aral Hey. What tool did you use to unfollow everyone on birdsite?


I was so tired of waiting for an official way of getting on that I just installed it from the unofficial PPA on my Ubuntu 21.04 machine. My main machine. I thought, if there's any problems I'll just log in to the regular Ubuntu session and uninstall it, no problem.

Now my machine won't boot up! What the fuck. Why does a DE mess with the boot process!?

Don't make my mistake, kids. Be patient.

Now to see if it's able to boot from a live USB.

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If you know someone who stutters, the patient #platformcoop I'm a member of is recruiting folks for a paid study:

Also saw they're going to start beta testing a #TimeBank as a member benefit... ⏲️🏦

This is very ingeresting:

A new partnership to promote fairer phones, including the FOSS @efoundation operating system, @Fairphone and coop service providers

News article:


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