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Hello, do you know any SoftwareLibre Video Editor who can open fcpxml?

What do people think of ? Do I know anyone who've registered? Why did you register for (what purpose did you need it for?), and how was the experience? It seems prohibitively difficult to do…?

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Thanks for all the answers! I did end up using Kdenlive, and it was quite easy for the tiny, little thing I needed it for. :)

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Latest version of

Flowblade, March 31st 2021

Kdenlive 20.12.3, March 8th 2021

Shotcut 21.03.21, March 21st 2021

OpenShot 2.5.1, March 3rd 2020

(Also: Olive 0.2, a total rewrite, supposed to "come soon", but latest git commit was yesterday)

Lots of things happening in this space, it seems. OpenShot is the obviously worse one of these in this regard.

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What video editor would you recommend for someone who's quite new to this whole video editing thing?

Please don't answer it it's been like a year since you tried any of them, or something like that. Thanks!

I've been hired as a freelance worker for one, hopefully soon two, projects for updating for local municipalities in Norway. Yay!

So I'm thinking of starting to post more interesting and relevant OSM content, so I can share it and also find it for myself later.

I've created a new account for this on the OSM instance, so if you're interested in these kinds of things, please follow @forteller

Have anyone checked out Misskey?

Looks like a very interesting (and whimsical, beautiful and actively developed) addition to the !

Playing The Stanley Parable for the first time. I'm sure that the museum ending is super cool for those who've played it for a long time and reached most of the other endings, but it seems kinda strange to place it so that you get there trough one of the easiest and most obvious endings. I mean, it's very meta and full of spoilers, no?

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I'll do a painting demo live for the Matrix Foundation, don't miss it!
On Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC (7pm in Berlin; 6pm in the UK; 1pm in New York; 10am in California)
All info:
#krita @matrix

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It's today and Carrot is ready! 😺
In few hours, my demo for the Matrix Foundation will start.
Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC, (19h00 in Paris; 6pm London; 1pm in New York; 10am in L.A.)
All info:
@matrix #krita

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“Wikipedia hosts 1.7 million biographies. Not even 20 % of those are about women. If Wikipedia wants to become the sum of human knowledge, this needs to change. With such a large gender gap, we are far from reaching the goal. International Women’s Day is an important moment to remind ourselves of the gender gap for women and all underrepresented groups and to renew our efforts to close it.”

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Jepp. Dette slo meg for rundt seks-syv år siden og jeg la om livet mitt. Mindre jobb, mer tid til familie, skrive, reise. Jeg fikk det til fordi jeg turte å prøve (25%) og fordi jeg er heldig (75%).

Det jeg ikke skjønner er hvorfor flere ikke er sinte over all tiden man må jobbe for å ha råd til å henge med i boligmarkedet osv? Hvorfor tenker man på sekstimersdagen som noe rart og utopisk, og ikke "oi, er det nøkkelknippet til fengselsvakten jeg hører rasle der ute?"


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What exactly is planned and perceived #obsolescence, why does it happen and what is its environmental impact? Take a look at this short and informative video as explains just that. #Fairphone is also mentioned around the 8:44 mark. 🙌

A beautiful video for everyone (like me) who are nostalgic for the good, old Web 2.0 days

I thought I had a really good idea for fighting dangerous misinformation, and for DuckDuckGo to get an advantage over Google (and possibly a lot of media attention).

But no one seems to care.

Please have a look and upvote if you like my idea. Thanks!

Feature request: Option to "show results from trusted health sources only"

@Fairphone Hi! On your website you say there's no retailers in Norway selling the Fairphone 3+, but actually there are quite a few:

Here are some:

And here are some of the same, but also some others:

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