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Bonfire is a new project that aims to combine an open source hardware device with FOSS federated social networks to allow you to physically control your own data, and to operate offline too if you want. You can follow at:

➡️ @bonfire

The official website is at

(Bonfire was previously known as CommonsPub.)

#Bonfire #CommonsPub #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #Hardware #OpenSourceHardware #OSH #OffTheGrid #Privacy #SelfHosting

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In case you missed it, a couple of years ago Mastodon made an animated introduction explaining how it works.

✅ Mastodon's official promo video is available on PeerTube at and on YouTube at

The same video is also useful for explaining federated networks in general.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Federation

The Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client – would it be possible/advisable to install Linux on it and use it as a small, personal server, for a couple of blogs, NextCloud, maybe turn it into a @freedomboxfndn? Appreciate info from anyone who knows. Thanks!

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Dæven døtte

I går registrerte det første politiske partiet seg i fødiverset, men ikkje berre det men på snabelen.

Det er piratpartiet sjølvsagt som registrerte seg i går og du kan finne dei her @pir

Ungdomspartiet finn du her @UngePirater

Forhåpentlegvis kjem fleire etter! 😊

Have anyone tried and/or ?

I think it sounds great to support small video creators on a platform independent of YouTube/Google and other surveillance capitalists, where they don't have to fear being demonetized.

But is there anything there worth the prize, and how's the experience? Any thoughts?

Thinking about it because of this code from the YouTuber Our Changing Climate:

Here's Nebula:

Noone joined and I'm stuck, so I gave up for now. Let me know if you want to join some other time

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Starting in 45 minutes: A live At Home with EFF stream! “Online Censorship Beyond Trump and Parler” will bring together experts on content moderation policy alongside free speech experts for a provocative conversation about the issues facing us today.

You won't hear the sounds from the game, I guess, but that's not important anyway. It's just background music.

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Trying a little experiment. Playing the Linux puzzle game Agent A, and would like some help, so I'm screen sharing it via Jitsi Meet.

Anyone care to join and see if it works? I want you to talk with me and help me figure out the puzzles, but only if you haven't played it before. I want to play, not walk trough

Here's the link. No guarantees.

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Der fikk jeg det første Togeventyret-postkortet i posten fra en jeg intervjuet i boka. Riktignok fra en togreise som ikke gikk lenger enn Hønefoss, men det er imponerende nok i disse tider.

De som vil ha postkort selv kan bestille boka fra Res Publica eller meg, så lenge lageret rekker. (Sender den når jeg tør gå til Posten igjen.)

What's the best Linux video editor for simple splitting of one long video into several smaller?

Guys! Now you can play the royal game of Ur online with a friend! Just create a URL and send to the one you want to play against! Yay!

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I could easily go on, but there doesn't seem to be much interest, so I should prioritize some other stuff. Let me know if you bought some and what any more recommendations :)

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For the king also has some interesting mechanics. You controll three characters (or one each online) and play a limited game with one objective on a tiled generated board.

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Framed 1 and 2 are games with a very interesting game mechanic: You get out of difficult situations by manipulating the boxes of a comic strip. Both games are available in this collection:

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Cosmic Express is a little, but kinda complicated, puzzle game about trains! IN SPACE! What's not to love!?

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The Long Dark is one of those games I haven't tried yet but would love to. I've heard lots of great things about it.

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