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While billionaires are making more billions during the pandemic, the smaller companies are struggling.

A friend started an ethical clothing brand

He bought a Chinese factory, and even built a new factory in Romania to help Roma people get jobs without discrimination.

But Covid are making things hard for him.

I have an idea for a T-shirt, and want to know if anyone would reserve one if I started a crowdfunder

A T-shirt with the Wikipedia T-shirt article on it. Poll ->

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Become a member today and snag one of our retro style t-shirts! You'll be showing your support for EFF and celebrating Greatful Dead lyricist and EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow!

Hva heter "å tegne seg"/"jeg tegner meg" o.l. på engelsk?

Does "raise hand" ever work in any videochat? Like, does the moderator ever notice and actually use it?

Adam Conover reading Wikipedia, commenting on what he reads and interacting with the watchers is just amazing!

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One company shouldn't be able to take a free software tool off the Internet that thousands of people rely on for completely legal purposes.

Don't want to visit , but have to watch stuff there from time to time (as we all do)?

Having issues with the app , which let's you watch YT videos without visiting YT and without ads, not being able to show videos?

You should know that the app NewPipe Legacy doesn't have this issue, and is just as great as NewPipe!

But Google does not allow it in Play Store, so download it from the website or from @fdroidorg

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I was on @tio's podcast today together with @heluecht and @hypolite from Friendica and @disroot talking about the fediverse. You can see my face, which is rare, looking like I'm in a David Lynch set.

You can watch it here:,0

Herregud, Excel har akkurat kostet oss sykt mye tid, og gjort at vi har sendt ut 50+ e-poster og 30+ brev med feil KID-nummer, fordi hver gang vi limte inn KID-nummer så gjorde Excel det om til et helt annet tall! Hva i helvete, er ikke hele poenget med Excel å håndtere tall?

Could anyone explain to me how I use NextBackup to take a backup of my ? I've installed it, but can't find anywhere how to actually use it.

Quoted explanation of the feature taken from this comment:

Though it doesn't seem like this side of the v2 spec is used automatically in clients supporting v2, but must be implemented in some way, if I understand this article correctly?

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> Torrents containing some or all of the same files, but which use different hashes, can be essentially combined. Say there are two partially dead torrents, one can only reach 83% and the other 39%, so long as the missing 17% of data from the first one is contained within the 39% of the second, you can actually finish your download (presumably it isn't limited to just two either).

This new feature of the spec v2, that was recently released, is amazing!

– Trough our scientific genius we made the world our neighborhood. And now, trough our moral and ethical commitment, we must make it our brotherhood. We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.

- MLK jr

What is the recommended Free/Open source podcatcher for iOS?

Trying to make page with how to subscribe for people who stumble over my "link/quote podcast" (or whatever I should call it) Kurator


My favorite podcatcher just released version 2.0.

now has a lot of smoother animations and improvements, but most importantly it now let's you set an automatic skip time at the start and end of all episodes of specific podcasts, just like you can set a speed for each individual podcast.

Also: New logo.

And the awesome thing with Free/open source software is how easy it is to contribute. I did, with a bit of thoughts, on this new feature

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Can you Draw in #inkscape? Please help write a NEW Drawing tutorial for Inkscape 1.1, do as little as a small paragraph or small drawing and become an Inkscape contributor!

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Question about editing , possibly using :

Here in Norway four large restaurant chains has added vegetarian and vegan options to their menus in more or less recent months.

I want this reflected in OSM, so they can be found trough the fantastic .

But finding them all manually in the ID editor is lots of work. Is there a way to select and add Vegetarian diet to all of them in the whole country at once?

I've never really used JOSM, but I'm thinking that's the tool?

If you need to recieve some files from someone, and they need to be encrypted, but the sender have no technical skills whatsoever. How would you go about getting that done as easily and securely as possible?

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