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How can I get a map in print quality/resolution with more than one gpx drawn on it?

So what I need a service or application where I can upload 5-7 gpx files and get a pdf or other high quality map with those tracks added on, high enough quality that I can send it to a professional print shop.

Yes, I've looked at I've also tried inkatlas, which worked, but the tracks does not look good at all.

Thank you!

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austrian politics, positive, corruption, glee 

So, there's a new social network getting funded on Kickstarter. I sent them a message asking if they will be federated. I'm not holding my breath

Working on a blogpost to present my reccomended minimum extensions for privacy and security (

But I need at least one illustration or photo to the text, and I have no idea what. What do you think?

Wow. I had no idea

"Bangladesh is the most densely-populated large country in the world, with 1,252 people per square kilometer. It's more than twice as dense as South Korea – the second most densely-populated country at 528 people per square kilometer."

World Population Growth - Our World in Data

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Interested in a smartphone with /e/?

We have worked on a plan with partners, register now to get yours in June!

Read all the details in our latest newsletter at:
#android #privacy #smartphone #Refurbished

At least Lightning works in the newest version available on, so that's a huge relief!

How come the only Thunderbird available in Ubuntu 19.04 is from the Snap store and is an older version where Lightning, and thus the Exchange calendar system that almost all workplaces use, does not work?

And how come the Thunderbird website does not have a .deb or any other package for installation, just a tarball you have to extract, and thus can not integrate into you system without beeing much more of a geek than I am?

This is an extremely important read!

"If we take freedom and openness for granted, we'll lose both. That's already happening, and we need to fight back. The question is how.

We have to fight for the general purpose computer. Read the linked texts by Cory Doctorow at the bottom:

Hey, you know how has been promising for a long time to allow federation? Looks like they're working on it!

In the latest changelog you can read: "The Android Wire client can now be run against a private server."

Cool beans!

So how exactly do I subscribe to a account with my Peertube account on another server?

Trying the only logical thing I could think find (which was not at all very easy) just gave me this error message

How hard is it to tinker with a wordpress install on some URL and then move it to some other URL when I'm ready to launch it?

Jesus H. Christ. Mozilla just made a stupid, little mistake, and now no extensions work in anymore!

Here's more info, and a very simple fix at the bottom:

Please boost so more people can get their adblocker and Privacy Badger back!

I see someone else says Mozilla has unfucked it, but that's not true for me. It might take some time for this fix to reach everyone.

If you're a team of people working on a project, and you need a simple way for everyone to be able to add relevant links to a list, sorted with tags or in some other way – what would you say would be the best tool to do this? Preferably FOSS, if possible

Thank you for still existing! The only way I've found to open a standard .ics calendar file in Linux, which I need to do to do my job.

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Trenger du et bedre innblikk i hvem Resett er og hva de driver med etter kveldens ? Jeg har tatt et lite dypdykk, og håper det kan være til nytte for deg:

Kjenner du noen som lar seg lure av fåreklærne? Del gjerne denne med dem!

Yesterday (late night) I installed the plugin on my WordPress blog. But I still can't find it when searching for it here on Mastodon (Octodon). How long does it usually take before a new instance is discoverable? Is there any other way to subscribe than to find it trough search?

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Just got to share my love for mastodon and the fediverse in a lecture about decentralised social media today in Norway, Gjøvik. Pretty fun, and thanks to everyone who showed up to hear me talk.

Next one will be the 30th of april in Bergen city in Norway.

#mastodon #fediverse #norway #gjøvik #gjovik #norge #decentralization

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After years of insisting that DRM in HTML wouldn't block open source implementations, Google says it won't support open source implementations

#DRM #EME #Google

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