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Funny joke, cw to avoid spoiler. Read first pic first 

Omg, I finally beat this stupid game and can uninstall it. Can't believe I spent almost 20 hours on this.

Starter dagen med å lese på senga. Anbefaler kapittel 2, om behovet for å måle og sammenligne, og om hvordan latterliggjøring bidrar til å sementere den svært problematiske tanken om at størrelse, manndom og makt henger sammen.

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Did you know you can export your following/follower data?

We're working on more export tools including a full data backup that you can browse offline!

Evince puts line breaks after each line!

This issue has bothered me so much, and cost me a lot of time. But I didn't know it was an issue in Evince, thought the problem was with the PDFs.

Now I've filed a bug report. Please give it a thumbs up if this is a problem for you too!

(gitlab is _so_ much better than bugzilla, btw)

@snap_as Hi. I just noticed that your essays tool breaks the back button in Firefox. Go to the Iceland essay, click on any of the images, navigate to the next image by pressing the right arrow button on the keyboard, try to use the back button in the browser. Doesn't work. Thanks for your cool service, hope this can help make it even better :)

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Have you been thinking about making an app for the Librem 5 but didn't know where to start?

I wrote a tutorial blog post for getting started with designing apps for GNOME mobile (and desktop too).

In a world full of waste nothing is environmentally friendly if it's based on creating new material!

That's why I love people who take "trash" and recycles it into a product, especially if it's viable as a business modell.

And that's why I've pledged $50 to the fundraiser of – taking single use plastic before it ends up in the oceans and making useable tiles for the kitchen, bathroom or other places. And you should have a look at them too!

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Putting your phone number in online services is very risky, especially as it is often used to verify accounts AND can be spoofed quite well with sim jacking on the rise!

Be careful.

#security #privacy #selfhosting

Thanks, uBlock Origin, for explaining scary sounding changes clearly in the changelog that shows up in the Firefox update mechanism! Wish all extensions did that.

""Our results suggest that this pill, which combines two hormonal activities in one, will decrease sperm production while preserving libido," says male reproduction biologist Christina Wang"

1: That's awesome! Finally!
2: Yeah, 10 years to go. What's the probability something happens or is discovered during that time so the whole project ends up in the bin?
3: Heh. Wang.

Want to watch videos from YouTube without using YouTube in an app on your phone/tablet? Try NewPipe. You can find it in F-droid.

Did you know that you can watch all YouTube videos without YT?

Invidious lets you watch all the videos, with the same title, so they're easy to find

But it's easier to click a link someone shares, so what to do about that?

Well, I just found this Firefox extension that auto-redirects you from YT to Invidious!

There's even one that replaces all YT embeds!

Yeah! Added to my "must have" list

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Over at copybuzz, covers the current state of #article13 noting that the supposed 'protections' for small businesses and memes are refuted by all experts and it is clear upload filters will be a result from the law.

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Latest news from the fairytale kingdom of :

The girlfriend of the minister of justice has been indicted for attacking their own home (spray painting very poorly written accusations of being racist) and setting fire to their own trash can and car(!).

This is the fifth minister of justice from the populist right wing Progress party in almost as many years. The rest where also outed by scandals, in case that wasn't obvious.


"she determined that there is no such thing as a trademark in an artistic style, and that DSE does not have an enforceable trademark in the typeface used for the title, so the use of a Seussian typeface for Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go! is not trademark infringement."

Interesting case.

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THIS is the rallying cry I needed on a Monday morning…

“But if we are going to talk about smashing patriarchy and dismantling systems of oppression (as we should!), we need to understand the role of surveillance and data exploitation in perpetuating and enhancing those systems”

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