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So, do I have money on Flattr, og do I not? And how can I give it to @riseup? I don't see anything to click on to donate!?

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OnionShare 2 adds anonymous dropboxes, supports new Tor addresses, and is translated into a dozen new languages

Need some VPN advice. There's a million of them out there, and so many things to consider, things I don't know anything about.

Some years ago I got myself a lifetime account on Slick VPN, and I'm wondering if it's OK, or if I need to spend more money on some other VPN.

Any thoughts?

What's the simplest FOSS tool for me to remote controll my dad's PC for tech support? Both are running Ubuntu 18.10, and he has to set up his end himself.

Akismet is not working well enough for me on my WordPress blog. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a better spam filter?

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RT @epicenter_works

Today we are launching our campaign to save the internet from #Article13. Join us and call your representatives in Brussels on
Together we're making it clear: β€œIf you vote for upload filters, we won't vote for you!” #SaveYourInternet #Pledge2019


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forteller boosted is an open source hosting exchange website (like couchsurfing) born in the community, and is an awesome one. The android app was in the play store only, but today platschi put the android app in a #fdroid repo:

nice job!

Ok, peeps. Someone has to tell me whats the deal with CW on selfies, and especially with tagging eye contact specifically. Is that really an issue for anyone? If it is, should they (you) really avoid it, not be exposed to it to get used to it?

No harm or disrespect meant. Genuinely don't understand this and would like to.

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Do not share RT and In The Now (which is of course designed explicitly to look like NowThis) content, even if it seems innocuous. If it's something legit sounding, find another several sources for it. Supporting these platforms in any way is helping people do serious harm to queer people and other minorities.

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For folks who don't know: RT and In The Now are actual propaganda designed to be consumable and attractive to progressive Western audiences. They are a facet of the overall propaganda structure that includes Russia Today's internal (within Russia, in Russian) propaganda. Russia Today is much more directly anti-queer, anti-Semitic, etc, and RT filters this into a package DESIGNED to be palatable to English-speaking westerners, with the goal of spreading "just asking questions" style disinfo.

You know what would be a useful feature? If you could follow a thread, in two ways:

1. I don't follow this person, but every time they post in this specific thread, show it to me in my timeline.

2. I do or do not follow this person, but every time they post in this thread let me know in a way I can't miss it (email, highlighted in timeline, top of timeline, or something)

A thread is like a blogpost that might be posted over the span of days. I might want to read it all.

Some people are still creating new blogs on Blogspot. With the same theme that it's always had. Just think of that for a second.

How can the file sizes of pdfs vs cbzs vs epubs vary so wildly? On the top here the cbz is 1.2 GB while the epub is only 139.5 MB and the pdf 388.1 MB. At the bottom it's not exactly the other way around, but the pdf is way smaller than the cbz.

Why isn't one filetype always larger and another always smaller, and how can the differences be so huge? Tank Girl pdf >3x as large as cbz while Inuyashiki cbz is ~3x as large as pdf!? wtf!?

Also has to be really easy to navigate and edit for n00bs (readers, not admins). Also FOSS, of course

If I want to set up a wiki with a bit more creative/interesting/good looking(/maybe even malleable, but if it looks great that might not be neccessary) UI/UX than Mediawiki, but which is also under active development and as safe as possible against attacks*, which wiki software should I choose?

I think Bookstack looks quite nice, but might not be exactly what I need.

* I hosted a Mediawiki once and it got overrun with spam :( RIP

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On "I Love Free Software" day, a special huge thank you to the people from underrepresented groups who maintain and contribute to free & open source software! ✊

πŸ‘‰ #ilovefs
❀ #opensourcediversity

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