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"I hope that, bit by bit, we can shift away from taking it as an indictment of our goodness and move towards taking it as a gesture of respect and an act of kindness when someone tells us that we've got something racist stuck in our teeth."

Thanks to Jay Smooth for this great quote and talk on .

Very good point: We have to stop thinking of beeing a good or bad person as something one _is_ and start thinking about it as a process, a thing one _does_.

Noone thinks that a clean person is clean, and therefor never have to brush their teeth. We are not either clean or unclean, good or bad. We do good or bad things, and we all need to check the mirror to see if we have something stuck in out teeth.

Very good talk on :

"When you believe that you must be perfect in order to be good, it makes you adverse to recognizing your own inevitable imperfections, and that lets them stagnate and grow."

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Thunderbird is now using Pretty Easy Privacy (PEP) for encrypted emails. I find the user experience quite seamless. It takes no additional effort to send an encrypted email than a non-encrypted one. I don't even have to check whether I'm encrypting or not. It automatically encrypts emails sent to recipients for which it has keys available.

#Thunderbird #Enigmail #PEP #encryption

Great news!

"The Mastodon project is excited that Nextcloud users can now join the fediverse, potentially growing the decentralized web by an order of magnitude", through .

So much more goodies in 15 too, like video chat inside collaborative document editing, better full text search (searching everything, not just files), etc.), faster, more secure.

I really need to try this soon!

I wish had a pause button on each timeline. Scrolling down a bit "pauses" it, I guess, but it keeeps blinking and changing the scroll bar position slightly

Why isn't the release of WordPress 5.0, the FOSS engine powering huge parts of the web, bigger news?

Or have I just been under a rock since the release?

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Fairphone’s approach to the mobile industry is shining a light on the less than scrupulous and customer friendly practices on its competitors, fundamentally shifting the status quo of the standards a tech company can achieve.- via 🙌#WeAreFairphone

Alt kan ikke være Norli og Ark, Twitter og Facebook. Vi trenger de små aktørene også! Men da må vi bruke dem, ellers forsvinner de. Kjøp en julegave her:

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The fight for freedom of speech online, and against laws leading to monopolization of the web is not over yet. There's still hope, if we fight!

The latest version of Deepin looks really nice! Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it more lightweight than Gnome? And are there any Ubuntu based OS that uses Deepin Desktop Environment 15.8?

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@anildash Just a heads up that we're open source now:

Installation isn't as quick and painless as we want yet, but that's the main goal for v1.0. Aiming to have that released by the end of the year.


What's the best way to embed a with a route, or preferably several routs, in it on a WordPress page?

Is there anywhere I can donate to help Lightning get updated to work with the latest version of Thunderbird? Not having the ability to see event invitiations at all is just not acceptible at work.

I know about Evolution.

Are there any settings I can change to extend the range of a D-link DAP-2695 wireless router?

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