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Is there anywhere I can donate to help Lightning get updated to work with the latest version of Thunderbird? Not having the ability to see event invitiations at all is just not acceptible at work.

I know about Evolution.

Are there any settings I can change to extend the range of a D-link DAP-2695 wireless router?

I should've tagged that and , I guess, in case anyone is following those

I read the blog post on why some Gnome devs want to turn off themes.

Before reading it I hated the idea, and couldn't understand why they would do that.

After reading it I understand why. I see their points. But I still hate it. I can't guarantee that it is the right thing to spend limited resources on, but really, how can we turn our backs on this amazing creativity and beauty? I think this is important.

Not often I see a FOSS product with as nice looking website as Zotero! Well done!

Ok, Alt+F4 doesn't work for closing windows on Pop!_OS. As if the silly name wasn't enough, them totally disregarding expected behavior like this decides it. Ubuntu 18.10 it is.

It's high time for me to upgrade my OS. Using Ubuntu 17.10 now. Doing a clean install. Should I go for Ubuntu 18.10 or Pop_OS 18.10?

Or something else? But I really like Gnome, so it should be based on that, or have the same kind of Activities overview based UI

What's the most modern Linux distro which has both support for Live USB and a 32-bit version?

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In a world where only a tiny fraction of the money made in publishing ends up in the author's pockets and where they are generally the worst paid worker in the chain, complaining about used book sales or piracy is missing the point.

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Remember that Chrome-logs-you-into-the-browser thing on a Google Service login thing?

With Chrome 70 Google removed the internal flag to disable that and implemented an opt-out button that _literally_ doesn’t work.

When will toots go back to being called toots on Octodon? I hate "oot"! WTF is an "oot" and why?

Any Linux gamers out there who want to buy my extra steam key for Full Throttle Remastered for cheap? :D I'll donate the money to an effective cause

I've been using Linux for a long time, and I love it. But now I'm getting very frustrated.

I need this most basic of apps. I'm sure there's a million of it for Android, Mac and Win. But I can't find a single one for Linux.

All I need is to be able to select some of all the photos I have and reorder them by drag and drop, and then have them stay in that new order to be displayed as a slideshow (not a video!)

I've described it closer here

If this exists, please tell me!

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I'm building Nora a soundscape using CC licensed music, and nothing seems to fit. So I'm going to ask you for help!
Do you know of some CC licensed music that you'd like to hear in Tour de Nora? Send me a link, either here or on #Patreon:

#creativetoots #mastoart

I'm a glass half full of water, half full of air kind of guy

I'm in Brussels for a few days. Is there anything special I need to do or see here?

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