Started watching a few days ago because I've been home sick. And today I saw the last episode. And yeah, I don't know what to say.

It was a pretty intense experience.

Wish I had someone in my life I'd watched it with. It would be nice to have someone to watch it with and talk about it with.

But still, it was… something. Something totally different.

"Alle norske høyreekstreme bruker 50% av tiden sin på å hetse og skrive møkk, og 50% av tiden sin på å sutre over at de er ofre fordi noen har sagt noe stygt om dem"

Didrik Søderlind sier mye viktig i nyeste episode av . Akkurat dette sitatet var ikke av de viktigste, men gir deg likevel forhåpentligvis lyst til å høre på episoden

Dialogisk: Episode 115: Undertro (med Didrik Søderlind)

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what if every monday, we took a lil break from twitter and shared a bunch of art and stuff all in one place on mastodon! and what if we encouraged cool people from other websites to come hang out and get to know the masto community!

every #MastoMonday, i'll be sharing a bunch of cool art i've been working on and i think it would be cool if you did too~

here's a graphic you can use to spread the word to people who might not use mastodon already :3

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Victory! An EFF lawsuit has compelled the nation’s second-largest public university to stop censoring dissent on its social media.

I use to automatically set a new artwork from as background image on my phone every day. And today I got something really fantastic: 'Fishing Near The Fjord By Moonlight' by Marcus Larson, 1862.

@davidrevoy @lentcine That's awesome that someone is making a film like that! What really annoys me about CC, the organization, is that even after all these years, they still don't have much of any compelling arguments to convince artists to release their works under a CC license. I want to be able to link people to a text or something that tells them why to do it, not just how. This film will help with that, I'm sure.

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🎥 I was interviewed (among a long list of creators) for "Leaving the frame", a movie/documentary project about artists who work with free and open license. I met the @lentcine team when I was in Paris and spent an afternoon with them. I enjoyed sharing time with them as we share a common passion for Free Libre and Open Source content creation.

To finish the movie, the team collects right now a budget. Here is a link to contribute and help this project to be a reality:

@paolo @libreoffice I really, really, really wish that the world of FOSS could
1) find a way to share spellcheck data across apps, so you could install it once and use it in LO, Firefox etc.
2) have some kind of system for automatic feedback on the spellcheckers, so that if X% of users of one language made the same change it would be updated for everyone.

Makes me think of the opening words of , which I, curiously, just started listening to the free audiobook of around the same day I took this pic. The audiobook is excellent quality! If you've read/listened to you should give it a try.

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Hey #fediverse experts. I'd like to host an instance for an #environment #protection #ngo but since they obviously care about resources and I heard that #mastodon has a heavy footprint I struggle to find a middle ground. Do you have ideas what to do about it? I e.g. heard about #rustodon but it is nothing near production ready yet.

Boosting is highly appreciated. :)

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The Safeguarding Americans’ Private Records Act (SAPRA) would reform FISA, put an end to the Call Detail Record program, and enact a number of other crucial reforms. Learn more about the bill

There's a special place in my heart for songs that feel the need to define one of the words in the song (especially if it's the main word that everything else in the song revolves around), in the song itself!

It's like the recursive acronym of songs.

Unfortunately I know only of two songs like this:

- No Scrubs, by TLC
- Let's have a kiki, by Scissor Sisters

I need to know more! Do you know of any? Also: Is there a word for songs like this? Thanks!

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My new e-bookshop is open!

I believe discovery, fairness and inclusivity are at the heart of digital bookselling.

Inclusive and DRM-free
All formats for all devices, no need to convert. You get a DRM-free e-book that works and is yours to keep.

Fair means fair
Authors get 80% of the profit. No deep discounts, or e-books that cost the same as the print version.

Genuine discovery
A curated e-bookshop, every title read and loved before hitting the shelves.

The Norwegian public broadcaster NRK is showing 9 days of continuous video from Svalbard these days, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Svalbard Treaty.

Nice to keep on in the background (with Firefox's new-ish picture-in-picture feature)

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