Does anyone know of a OpenStreetMap based map system where anyone can click on any place to add a comment? I need to be able to add a route first, and people should then add their feedback to that route. Thanks! @openstreetmap

If you haven't moved away from uTorrent yet, this is the time, I think.

qTorrent and Deluge are good free and open source alternatives. If you don't need that many functions, Transmission is totally fine.

@hinterwaeldler If you have lots more books, maybe you could set up a tiny library near where you live, and so you could go visit them :P And get other books back, and help more people get to read great books :)

Shouldn't I be able to mount exFAT drives out of the box? I hope you can on Ubuntu, but I couldn't on pop!_OS, based on Ubuntu.

I had too look it up and then install exfat-fuse and exfat-utils. These should come preinstalled, or at least the error message saying it couldn't be mounted should have a one click button to install this for me.

Da fikk jeg mitt aller første juletre i år

@bob @Shamar @conservancy @fsfe Hackers needs money to live. That is, they need customers. Organizations like this help create that. More in my reply at the original link.

Free and Open Source Software is not winning. That is terrible for all of humanity, as more and more of our freedom of thought, speech, movement, and our security is integrated with computers and the web.

Why are we losing? Because there is so much money on the other side and so little on our.

The sollution? We need to band togheter, in organizations fighting the cause. That means: We need to donate to @conservancy @fsfe, etc!

Please read and upvote:

Anyone using Ubuntu 19.04 daily right now? Is it stable enough to use on my work laptop?

Wow. Raw image editor has gotten a new release with 250 bug fixes and a metric shitton of new features! You gotta check it out:

Loving this new heal feature

Playing Stealth Bastard Deluxe. Starting chamber 3-6 now

@TQ @lilletale @distel Noone's talking about not working, though. Everyone needs money! :) It's not all or nothing, so yeah, don't give up on your year if you have to buy something from time to time. Best of luck! :)

@TQ @lilletale @distel Something like that. But not without buying absolutely anything, though. I try to support some good companies from time to time, and a few times I just really need something. But yeah, read about my lifestyle here:

People take some amazing photos! Thanks to everyone who shares with a @creativecommons license! Check out these stunning winners of the Wiki Loves Earth contest:

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