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#føljarfredag #followfriday

I dag vill eg fremheva grøne brukare i fediverset!

@lagenost tidligare leiar tå Grøn Ungdom, musikar og e vist scholar også!

@olabirk E ikkje så aktiv her for tia, men det kan snu seg, men e jo bestekompisen min, må jo følje honom!

@nora Veldig smart og e i sentralstyret i Grøn Ungdom og sånt.

@Hermansen kjempar for landet, stor Guar frå Nordlandet som forsvare viktige politiske verdiar!

@Jordbruket Guar, fotograf og folkemusikar! OG moderator ti snabelen!


@Sigridmoltumyr1 De har vel en oversikt over når du må poste ting for at det skal komme fram til jul på nettsidene sine, tror jeg?

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I've just released a simple #ActivityPub debugging tool. It's hosted on Glitch so you don't have to worry about spinning up servers or SSL certs etc. You clone your own copy of the project, set it up, and you can create ActivityPub accounts that can send any raw JSON payload you specify to its followers. I use it for testing new and novel ActivityPub objects, and to test compatibility with messages sent from remote servers without needing to create an account on them.

@bvtsang Yes, but it's quite unintuitive, at least in Norwegian (but it's a Norwegian product, so...)

@bvtsang It is. They have an onboarding thing when you install it and at the end you can choose to look at instructional videos, so I click it. I'm sent to It seems. And I'm like, wow somebody did a huge mistake. But no, I'm actually sent to their playlist, I just can't see it in the address bar...

Wtf? The browser hides everything after the ? in the URL in the address bar by default!? With no hint whatsoever that it's doing it unless you select the address bar! Get the fuck outta here!

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Sweden has concluded that the US Cloud Act is incompatible with the #GDPR - this means that putting private customer or user data with a US cloud provider is not legal. #DigitalSovereignty

Omg, I love uMap! It's an amazing tool. I use it for work, and just wish that there where a pro version that I could buy to support the project

I learned today that The Good Place has an official podcast.

OK, fair enough, I'll give it a shot in the hopes that they don't just talk about the acting and stuff, but actually dives deeper into the philosophy and ethics.

But what really surprised me is that I also found nine unofficial TGP podcasts! Nine!

Is this a bug, or are you supposed to be able to lock your account in such a way that everyone can still see your toots, they just need to be accepted before they can follow you?

In my mind the padlock indicates that you don't want people who don't follow you to see your toots. "You can see what I post, but not follow me" doesn't make much sense to me?

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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Har vært på Grønnhetstyranniet og snakket om Equinor og Aftenpostens annonsørinnhold.
Gøy, men når skal Aftenposten selv følge opp dette? Så langt har de oppført seg mer som et generisk firma enn en avis: Overlat alt til en glatt og anonym talsperson.

Could a country, say for example Norway, decide to just outlaw cross domain/third party tracking, and actually have it mean something?

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Today is #InternationalDayofDisabilities and I'd like to show off my hearing aids once again.

Without them I'm a poorly concentrated, tired and grumpy person. With them I can talk and work for hours, I can listen and be in noisy environments without getting exhausted.

Hearing loss is an invisible disability. You can't tell that I'm hearing impaired from looking at me, because my hearing aids are often hidden by my hair or simply hard to spot behind my ears. That also makes it harder to have my needs met. Even with hearing aids I need that people look at me and speak clearly when they're talking to me.

I often feel like I'm an imposter when I call myself disabled, but the alternative is to pretend I have a normal hearing and stop functioning in everyday life. I'm beyond happy and grateful that I live in a country where I get hearing aids for free and where I have rights both as a disabled student and in the workplace.

And here are my tiny, wonderful hearing aids 💞

Sorry, what is this?

Anyone can follow me, so why do I have a request? Does the request come from someone on a server that my server has blocked, or something?

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