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Do you help run a federated or decentralised service in Europe -- or know someone who does? Please pass this link on. It's the application to meet politicians to discuss how the EU's copyright filters (Article 13/17) will be implemented. I worry about a backroom deal struck between Facebook/Google that excludes the next generation of open Net services: .. Please speak up!

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🐘 Do you want to run your own Mastodon instance but don't want to do the tech stuff?

You can get fully managed Mastdon hosting from

You can follow them at

🖼️ Do you want to run your own Pixelfed instance but don't want to do the tech stuff?

You can get fully managed Pixelfed hosting from Spacebear:

You can follow them at

More #MastoTips:

RMS / Techbros being techbros / pedophilia / sexual assault 

RMS / Techbros being techbros 

"Without a truly open standard for payments, open systems in general have had a hard time competing with their proprietary counterparts."

Coil, Mozilla, Creative Commons have set up a $100 million grant to fix this. Very interesting!

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#Tusky 9 is out!
Creating polls, improved search, always expand content warnings, and more!
Read the full changelog here:

@hinterwaeldler Ah, so that's what happened. I'll see if I can find it elsewhere :)

@lychee Agree @elementary is nice. It's not "there" for me to use, but they are doing amazing work and I should probably throw them some coins

It's incredibly important to me that we make Linux a viable and attractive option for regular, non-nerdy people. And that FOSS devs gets paid for their work so they can spend more of their time making that happen, and less of their time working on making proprietary software better.

So I want to spend some money on Linux and I wonder: Is Zorin OS a good place to do it?

Seems like it, but I wonder: How much do they actually contribute upstream? Any better suggestions?

@benjancewicz That's fantastic! We need more humor in the public square :)

In a world of servers the only Free software is AGPL software

Have you heard of the horrors of the cobolt mining and war profiteering in Congo? Last years Nobel peace prize was awarded to 2 people helping the victims of these atrocities.

Why is this happening? Because of our insatbiable thirst for electronics!

What can you do? Use your stuff longer, don't buy unnecessary stuff, buy used, and if you need a new phone: Buy a @Fairphone!

Now version 3 is available, and it looks great: Modules, recycled materials, Fairtrade gold etc

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