Want to know what all this Harper's letter talk is all about?

If you can get past the first 8 min of baby and parenting-talk (you're allowed to skip it), then this podcast episode is a really great discussion of it.

"What this letter is outraged by is that people have a voice and is expressing their pain. The good, old days they're wishing for is just the time when voices that where hurt by statements like Rowlings where silenced"


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What inspired you to fight for digital and online rights? SOPA/PIPA? FOSTA/SESTA? The Clipper Chip?

Everyone has a story of why they fight, and this Friday we'll share ours! Join EFF's 30th Anniversary party and meet friends and allies across the globe! eff.org/event/effs-30th-annive t.co/waGwnPdmT9

Trump: Mexicans are rapists!

Left and moderate right: This is unacceptable!

Beloved children's book author billionaire with 14m followers: Trans women are rapists!

Left: This is unacceptable!

Mod right: Is this criticism literally the most dangerous thing happening right now? 🤔

@mdm Yeah, it has to be for professional use of some sort. Still seems ridiculous, but what do I know? :)

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Cambridge University Press is releasing a number of books open access on Protests, Policing and Race until 12 July

I'm a genius in a film or TV series, you can tell by this origami figure

@apLundell May I ask why you felt the need for this? Battery life? I know that's a problem for my phone, at least.

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Rubik's basilisk

TIL that Sony still makes "mp3-players", named Walkman, and that the priciest one will set you back $3200. sony.com/electronics/walkman-d

Is there a way to download podcasts from acast without the ads?

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As bad as this power-imbalance is, it's even worse if the platform collaborates with you to revise its rules so that any time you cross the line, they move the line.

That's what Facebook did for Trump, according to a Washington Post investigation by Elizabeth Dwoskin, Craig Timberg and Tony Romm.



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The Ancient Egyptians Wore Fashionable Striped Socks, New Pioneering Imaging Technology Imaging Reveals

openculture.com/?p=1057212 t.co/SseZDwAUSB

@bjornstark Beklager! Glemte dette bort, og nå skal jeg dra og besøke mor igjen. Neste uke? Foreslå gjerne et konkret tidspunkt som passer for deg :) Send DM eller Signal (97983262)

This is a very damning text about tiktok, calling it spyware masquerading as a social media.

I can't know how correct this is. But what I do know is that it's high time for all mobile apps to be sandboxed.


This sounds very good

"The EU institutions approved a law which would allow citizens in all EU countries to go to court as a group if they have suffered the same damage[1]. Consumer groups have been advocating for such a law for more than 30 years."


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