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Ok, so I thought content warnings about eye contact in pictures was taking it a bit too far. Now I saw a toot with "cw: cat". It was, indeed, a cat.

So I just set up a Samsung phone that comes with Android 8.0, and it has this built in newsfeed called that keeps sending notifications with vibration and sound! And there's no way to turn it off inside the app itself, you have to go to the systems notifications settings. How many knows how to do that? This is crazy!

I love so much! But it's a real PITA having to go trough multiple steps for every single song I want to download. Does anyone know of any simpler way of downloading all tracks from an artist, if they only have singles, no albums?

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Alright guys. By the end of 2020, I aim to be completely out of the cold, greedy ecosystems of Facebook and Google. I started slow by deleting the Facebook app. Very effective, I went from checking the feed multiple times per day to.. well.. hardly logging on any more. Should make it easier to delete account at sone point — can't quite get myself to do that yet.

Next up: Ditching Google calendar. Suggestions? What are the best alternatives?

#opensource #privacy

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#1yrago Citing transphobic policies, 172+ googlers call for removal of Heritage Foundation from Google's "Advanced Technology External Advisory Council"


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Just look at this! Why can't we have this? Except those servants, ofc, that's some fucked up bullshit. But the rest. And the design of that pamphlet! Just look at that shit!

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So, I stumbled upon the movie The Maid (2014), and it looked like it had a lot of rewards, so I watched it.

Kinda. I mostly skipped through it, because not only was the acting terrible (and I don't usually notice the acting) but worse, it was the most cringey incel fantasy scenario bullshit I've ever seen!

I had to check if it really did have awards and yes, 11 + 6 nominations! Jesus. I weep for humanity.

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It's been a decade since Hide & Seek released its absolutely brilliant "Boardgame Remix Kit": rules for new games using tokens and boards from Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble sets.

Now, the 26-part ruleset has been released as a free download for a world of locked-down families looking for ways to entertain themselves. These games are MUCH better than the originals!


Today I learned a very nerdy joke. Wanna hear? 

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In the current health crisis linked to the #COVID19 outbreak, CryptPad supports remote working. The storage limit for all registered users is increased to 1GB until further notice. Registration is free with no personal data required.

Jesus H. Christ! Some fucking missionaries are planning on hauling their potentially corona infected asses into the Brazilian jungle to contact previously uncontacted tribes now. Now! WTF?

Please ask the minister of justice to stop this madness now!

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