I think it's obscene that there's actually a TLD that's the name of a private company: .google. Can anyone buy their own TLD now? Are there other examples?

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🚀 Version 4.4 is live on cryptpad.fr!

This release introduces 📢️ Broadcast, a new feature for instance administrators to announce planned maintenance, surveys, or custom messages.

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2.5b people in Earth's 130 poorest countries have not been vaccinated. The 85 poorest countries won't be vaccinated until 2023. The humanitarian cost is unforgivable - and self-defeating, as each infected person is a potential source of new strains.


How the actual fuck did this happen?


What's your oldest contribution to a Wikipedia article that is still the newest (most current) change of that article?

For me it's this edit of the article about the organization Erikshjälpen on Norwegian Wikipedia, from April 1st 2020.

Guys! The Climate Town channel om YouTube is amazing! Check it out in your fav YT front end youtube.com/channel/UCuVLG9pTh

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LibreOffice is a worldwide project, with hundreds of people across the globe contributing to development, design, documentation, marketing and more. Join us! And read about how Gökçe Kuler got involved with the dev community: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Elon Musk is Daenerys Targaryen, change my mind

@christoffer Ja, du har helt rett! Fortjener generelt mye bedre filmer!

: Captain Marvel (2019)

Started out pretty stupid. But became quite cool and good, actually. Still stupid, of course, it's a super hero film after all, but also worth watching.

I'm so sick and tired of men always being the front and center and active and heroic people in all forms of story telling, so it was great with a change, and as a super hero no less.

Also fun with a cat! 🐈

: Yes
test compliant: Yes
: Yes, if you like stupid superhero films

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Huh, so what is this then? Interesting feature of . Not sure I understand it. Especially in this case, since I already follow the person in question myself…

@Sandra Sorry if I'm being an idiot, but could you explain to me why that is? Are you saying sound captchas are made harder the more people use them? Maybe you have a link where I could read more about this? Thanks! :)

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