Testing cheese worth 540 kr/kg ($60/kg). Found in the dumpster last night. Verdict: 

Interesting new message on favstar.fm, which unfortunately had to shut down because of API changes from birdsite. @gargron

Playing my friends amazing Harry Potter game. I just lost the final battle, against Voldemort. But that doesn't mean I'm out of the game. I can still play, as a ghost, annoying everyone else...

Happy to see the info screens in Norwegian trains is running (Debian)! Some years ago I saw the info screens at the train stations were running the latest .

Hei alle!

Vil du bidra til forskning? Vil du hjelpe meg? Vil du antagelig være med i trekningen av en flott premie (men dette har jeg ikke landet ennå)?

Gå inn i din appstore og installer Woorti.

Det er en app som spør deg om hva du får ut av tiden du bruker på reiser.


Representing Sunrise Movement at the most important political meeting in Norway this year, the Norwegian Green Party convention.

Working on a blogpost to present my reccomended minimum extensions for privacy and security (addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef)

But I need at least one illustration or photo to the text, and I have no idea what. What do you think?

Hey, you know how has been promising for a long time to allow federation? Looks like they're working on it!

In the latest changelog you can read: "The Android Wire client can now be run against a private server."

Cool beans!

So how exactly do I subscribe to a account with my Peertube account on another server?

Trying the only logical thing I could think find (which was not at all very easy) just gave me this error message

After all the aftermath and destruction of the Notre Dame fire, the beehives on the roof remained untouched. Please explain to me how you don’t believe in Aristaeus after seeing this.


Funny joke, cw to avoid spoiler. Read first pic first 

Omg, I finally beat this stupid game and can uninstall it. Can't believe I spent almost 20 hours on this.

Starter dagen med å lese på senga. Anbefaler kapittel 2, om behovet for å måle og sammenligne, og om hvordan latterliggjøring bidrar til å sementere den svært problematiske tanken om at størrelse, manndom og makt henger sammen.

Evince puts line breaks after each line!

This issue has bothered me so much, and cost me a lot of time. But I didn't know it was an issue in Evince, thought the problem was with the PDFs.

Now I've filed a bug report. Please give it a thumbs up if this is a problem for you too!


(gitlab is _so_ much better than bugzilla, btw)

In a world full of waste nothing is environmentally friendly if it's based on creating new material!

That's why I love people who take "trash" and recycles it into a product, especially if it's viable as a business modell.

And that's why I've pledged $50 to the fundraiser of – taking single use plastic before it ends up in the oceans and making useable tiles for the kitchen, bathroom or other places. And you should have a look at them too!


Thanks, uBlock Origin, for explaining scary sounding changes clearly in the changelog that shows up in the Firefox update mechanism! Wish all extensions did that.

Captcha just to read an article? Yeah, count me out, AEI

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