Da fikk jeg mitt aller første juletre i år

Wow. Raw image editor has gotten a new release with 250 bug fixes and a metric shitton of new features! You gotta check it out: darktable.org/2018/12/darktabl

Loving this new heal feature

The fight for freedom of speech online, and against laws leading to monopolization of the web is not over yet. There's still hope, if we fight! dontwreckthe.net/

I read the blog post on why some Gnome devs want to turn off themes.

Before reading it I hated the idea, and couldn't understand why they would do that.

After reading it I understand why. I see their points. But I still hate it. I can't guarantee that it is the right thing to spend limited resources on, but really, how can we turn our backs on this amazing creativity and beauty? I think this is important.



I have an amazing friend who's spent years making a totally mind blowing Harry Potter inspired board game. And now she's translated it to english and made her very first website, just to give it away for free!

You really need to see this, and please give it an upvote: reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comme


Well, this is heartening: This thread about the new Linux CoC seems to actually be quite calm and constructive. Maybe there's hope for us all after all! reddit.com/r/linux/comments/9j

Make computers serve the people!


(Note: I don't know if I want to endorse this, just loved to poster. Do with that as you wish)

After all of this it was very heartening to read this comment. The title made me think it would go the other direction, but this is really, really good.

And although it's only 67% upvoted, it is upvoted. Please go over and give it one more!


I've sent a message to Humble Bundle regarding their use of reCaptchas, forcing me to do free work for Google.

Re: octodon.social/@forteller/1004

Guys! I love my Inkscape t-shirt from @aptgetshirt.

And now they have a sale with 10% off every shirt. And 50%(!) goes to the FLOSS project of your choice! And the shirts are Fairtrade!

Don't miss out! Get an awesome shirt, support your favorite project and a great, ethical startup. Retoot and go buy a shirt now!

--> aptgetshirt.com/ <--

I just installed the latest Deepin Linux, and that process was smooth! I wish all distros would care this much about beauty and ease of use! Looking forward to trying it out. Wonder if it actually has a smaller memory footprint than Ubuntu?

But I also wish they cared a bit more about correct English, though :P

I love it when I find new cross platform tools that does exactly what I need. Today I needed to delete a few pages from a pdf, and found Sejda, which was a breeze to use for that, and so much more. sejda.com/desktop

Zorin OS seems like an interesting distro for people who don't really care about PCs (most people). omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/08/zorin-

Too bad I didn't think of that before delivering 10 older PCs to Refugees Welcome today. They where going to be trashed, I installed Ubuntu on them and hopefully gave them a new life.

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