According to Google Maps the statue of Edward Colston is out in the middle of the Floating Harbour. Anyone who's seen the video of the relocation effort knows that can't be true.

Yet again it seems that the collectively owned and edited @openstreetmap is much more accurate.

Loving that suggests relevant stickers when you choose a smiley. :blobhyperthink:

Just look at this! Why can't we have this? Except those servants, ofc, that's some fucked up bullshit. But the rest. And the design of that pamphlet! Just look at that shit!

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The Norwegian public broadcaster NRK is showing 9 days of continuous video from Svalbard these days, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Svalbard Treaty.

Nice to keep on in the background (with Firefox's new-ish picture-in-picture feature)

Even more peculiar (maybe) is that I can't click on his username in my toot, even though, as I said, his username does create a dropdown when it's written

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Trying to follow, but no luck. The search function on my instance does not find him, and using the Follow-button on his account I just get this error message.

Still, when writing his username in the tootbox here it shows up in a dropdown.

What's going on?

I learned today that The Good Place has an official podcast.

OK, fair enough, I'll give it a shot in the hopes that they don't just talk about the acting and stuff, but actually dives deeper into the philosophy and ethics.

But what really surprised me is that I also found nine unofficial TGP podcasts! Nine!

Is this a bug, or are you supposed to be able to lock your account in such a way that everyone can still see your toots, they just need to be accepted before they can follow you?

In my mind the padlock indicates that you don't want people who don't follow you to see your toots. "You can see what I post, but not follow me" doesn't make much sense to me?

Sorry, what is this?

Anyone can follow me, so why do I have a request? Does the request come from someone on a server that my server has blocked, or something?

Shocked octopus just wants to mind his own business and doesn't want any trouble, man

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