Captcha just to read an article? Yeah, count me out, AEI

Ive never retooted from birdsite before, but this is important for all the people on here to hear, goddamit!

RT @alicegoldfuss: The Open Source Initiative board is having elections and a number of women are running.

They are already getting targeted harassment.

It's not a pipeline problem.

I have given my feedback as a non-EU citizen. Anyone can do it, now it's your turn!

Don't know what to say? Copy/paste from here:

So, do I have money on Flattr, og do I not? And how can I give it to @riseup? I don't see anything to click on to donate!?

How can the file sizes of pdfs vs cbzs vs epubs vary so wildly? On the top here the cbz is 1.2 GB while the epub is only 139.5 MB and the pdf 388.1 MB. At the bottom it's not exactly the other way around, but the pdf is way smaller than the cbz.

Why isn't one filetype always larger and another always smaller, and how can the differences be so huge? Tank Girl pdf >3x as large as cbz while Inuyashiki cbz is ~3x as large as pdf!? wtf!?

looks like this for me now. No other applications is like that. Anything I can do?

- Not a snap, installed via the PPA
- Installed as a snap first, but uninstalled and installed normally afterwards
- I've also tried purging and rebooting before reinstalling.
- Ubuntu 18.10
- Inkscape 0.92.4

I just donated to the free and open source UI/UX design tool on Kickstarter, and I think you should too, and spread the word so they can reach their goal!

You know how is ruining the world by pushing extreme conspiracy theories on everyone?

I uploaded my first video to and tagged it with "klima".

This is what they reccomend people watch next.

If you're creating a tool for uncensored sharing of videos you _have to know_ that people will use it for all kinds of crazy shit. Which means: You have to turn off reccomendations outside of the persons own videos by default! Seriously! I don't want this shit on my profile!

The title of a podcast episode is the first I hear of this? Really?

Help, Linux installation:

Doing a clean install on a laptop with two SSDs. I boot Linux from the smallest one, and that's where I want to do the clean install. One the bigger one I have all my files.

When asked what drive to install on I was surprised to see that the bigger one was called sda and the smaller sdb, since the smaller is the one I boot off, and has had installed longer. But of course I chose sdb.

Now I get this error telling me it can't install a bootloader to sda! Help!?

Wow. Raw image editor has gotten a new release with 250 bug fixes and a metric shitton of new features! You gotta check it out:

Loving this new heal feature

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