So, how long has Firefox come with a built in eyedropper? And also, why?

Jeg vet ikke hva dette er, men den var gratis i skolehage i går, så nå er den i "hagen" min.

Geitmyra er en helt utrolig oase i byen. Hvis du har i år må du ta en tur innom på !

The notifications timeline always looks like I have something unread in it. This must be a bug, right?

Oh my god! #Luca. What a fantastic film! 

I mean wow, it had (almost) everything!

A classic story of a youngster defying parents and old traditions to find his true colors, but this time it was so obvious that the colors where queer (whatever Pixar says), and it was beautiful! And heart breaking when fear made him use the colors against his friend. But then, when love won over fear of the different, and the old ladies dared show their colors too – for the first time! 😍

But there was more...

The Conversation is a fantastic website with science based articles by university people with expertise in the field, and lots of links to sources. No ads and they let you republish their articles for free!

It's really a gem among websites!

But @creativecommons should have a talk with them. They claim to use CC BY-ND license, but their guidelines 1) doesn't say you need to mention the license, which CC demands and 2) demands extra things, like a tracking pixel, which I'm not sure CC allows?

Ok, so the creator of Bojack Horseman recommended Tuca & Bertie, and it starts with one of main caracthers using a bike to dumpster dive! OMG! I'm sold!

Gir det mening å både sette seg mål om mer sykling og samtidig lage regler som gjør sykkelen, et av de mest effektive framkomstmidlene vi har, mindre attraktiv?

Jeg tar opp halvparten av debatt-sidene i Dagsavisen i dag, med en tekst om dette

What's your oldest contribution to a Wikipedia article that is still the newest (most current) change of that article?

For me it's this edit of the article about the organization Erikshjälpen on Norwegian Wikipedia, from April 1st 2020.

Huh, so what is this then? Interesting feature of . Not sure I understand it. Especially in this case, since I already follow the person in question myself…

I love INSIDE! I hate that girl in the water. Jeeez!

Thanks Steam Proton for making Windows games available on Linux! Really too bad that after making Limbo available for Linux, developers Playdead did not do the same for their next game :(

Still, it works well under Proton, except that the keyboard controllers does not react perfectly always, which makes some puzzles harder than they should. But I'm 2/3rds trough now, and it's a masterpiece!

Guys! Now you can play the royal game of Ur online with a friend! Just create a URL and send to the one you want to play against! Yay!

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sells and games, and 10% of sales goes to charity.

They have a winter sale now with some great discounts, so here's a thread of Linux friendly games I've played and loved (and maybe some I'd love to play).

Some games are on sale for less than 24 hours, while others are on sale for 5 more days. So hurry up!

Bonus: Trough my link 25% goes to charity! That's like almost half or something…

If you like games and charity, please boost. Kthxby

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