Just found out that the most useful tool over on birdsite, the "from:" command in the search box, does not work over here. Oh no.

I feel like this sounds like a very good idea for Mastodon to implement

I recently found out that webcomic.name has a book! Couldn't find it at the library, so I sent them an email asking if they could stock it. Yesterday I got a reply. They will buy it! Best email I've gotten in years :D

Why don't I visit webcomic.name more often? It is so wholesome and great and, as the kids would say, on point. Hypocrisy is the worst, innit?

Testing cheese worth 540 kr/kg ($60/kg). Found in the dumpster last night. Verdict: 

Interesting new message on favstar.fm, which unfortunately had to shut down because of API changes from birdsite. @gargron

Playing my friends amazing Harry Potter game. I just lost the final battle, against Voldemort. But that doesn't mean I'm out of the game. I can still play, as a ghost, annoying everyone else...

Happy to see the info screens in Norwegian trains is running (Debian)! Some years ago I saw the info screens at the train stations were running the latest .

Hei alle!

Vil du bidra til forskning? Vil du hjelpe meg? Vil du antagelig være med i trekningen av en flott premie (men dette har jeg ikke landet ennå)?

Gå inn i din appstore og installer Woorti.

Det er en app som spør deg om hva du får ut av tiden du bruker på reiser.


Representing Sunrise Movement at the most important political meeting in Norway this year, the Norwegian Green Party convention.

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