is trying to eat the web, one service at a time. Now they are even eating external news websites with .

This is a really disturbing development. Please resist, don't visit AMP pages if you can avoid it.

@forteller We should make a plugin that automatically blocks AMP pages.

@maiyannah Yes! I was actually going to check if that exists…

@maiyannah OMG, I found this and it works on the Guardian and FT pages I tested. Thanks for the kick, should've checked for this before I tooted :P

Want to resist the easy way? Install this Firefox extension and get redirected from AMP to HTML automatically!

@forteller Nice! I should put up such a list myself too.

@forteller Or better yet, blacklist AMP URLs entirely and get your content from sites that aren't destroying the open Internet.

@forteller Maybe run an extension that goes in and fake-clicks all the ads while you're at it.

@forteller I'm working on a privacy-oriented browser, and AMP is a huge concern for me. I don't have a way to find a page's real URL without loading the AMP page, which means telling Google what articles you're reading.

@dhasenan @forteller
Wow, I wasn't aware of this new evil maneuver. I have to read more about it. Any suggestion to begin with?

@elfio @forteller Aside from the article that @forteller mentioned, here's Google's shilling page:

Person who talks about removing AMP from their site:

The main advantage to it is that Google boosts your search rankings if you use it. Supposedly because it makes your site faster, but it usually won't. The real way to make a site faster is to load less javascript.

@dhasenan How does the automatic redirection extension get it then?

@forteller I don't know and will look into it. I only said that I personally don't have a way.

@syndikalista @forteller
A proprietary form of html optimized for tablets and mobile devices. Because google is looking to close most of it's open source contributing projects and try to take freedom away from it's users.

@forteller The antithesis of this kind of centralization and homogenization is WikiTribune, which publishes on web standards and under open licenses.

@forteller Switched to DuckDuckGo for most of my searching needs and noticed a lot less AMP links. I wonder why 🤔

@forteller it's really bullshit to me that the example used in this article for 'propaganda people will be shown as if it's legitimate' is RT being along side the guardian, and citing the US State department classifying RT as a propaganda organization. The US State department is a propaganda organization too, and it's feeding the Red Scare shit and I gotta call it out

@forteller It's really not worth screwing the web for the sake of mobile download speeds being a few milliseconds faster. Perhaps an AMP blocking plugin would be a good idea.
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