Tomorrow, 3rd of August, is Esther day – a day to remember and celebrate our loved ones that are still with us.

It's too easy wait to talk about how much the people around us means to us until their funeral. But then it doesn't benefit them at all. We need to hear these things from our friends, and so we need to say them too.

Of course you can say them any time, but that's maybe also the reason why we so often never do. Just like with anything else we can do at any time, we just postpone it. Until it's too late.

That's why we have a specific date for it. One day in the whole year set aside to cherish friendship and family, so that we remember to tell people how much they mean to us.

Please join me in contacting at least one friend on Esther day, to say all the things you'd otherwise regret not telling them before they die.

And please spread the word of this day.

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