Ever since I saw someone say that the first people to die in popular media mostly are non-whites and non-males I just can't unsee it. And I can't believe I didn't see it before.

So they already have fewer roles, and less important roles, and then they also get less screen time because they die sooner.

Also they often die to advance the plot for the (white) males, right? They need something to give them purpose, to drive them, someone to revenge or brood over.

You can't be what you can't see, they say. So what does this do, on the grand scale, for the differences between what white males and others try to accomplish in the real world? What does it do to how we as a society view the worth of non-whites and non-males, when we get so used to seeing them mostly being the least important, most dispensable characters in most of our media, and when we consume so, so much media throughout all our lives?


Umbrella Academy spoilers, season 1 and 3 

I'm rewatching UA season 1, and it's crazy how terribly well it fits into this "rule" (does it have a name?)

First off: There's 43 children born all over the world. We follow 7 of them, and for some reason 4 of them are white (majority) and 4 of them are male (majority) – except in season 3 it seems there's a revelation that one more is male.

So, who dies, in what order?

The first one dies even before the show begins: Ben. Male, but non-white.

The second one to die is the detective, a non-white woman.

The third: Allison, non-white woman.

Well, that's as far as I've rewatched. But of the 7 we are left with 5, 4 of which are white, and after season 3 you'll know that actually all 5 of which are male.

Yeah, not great.

Umbrella Academy spoilers, season 1 and 3 

Ok, so Allison didn't actually die, but it looked a lot like it.

And also the only thing we really learn about the culture (not the work/mission) of the secret, powerful cabal manipulating all of world history from the shadows, is that they have a saying in Yiddish. So, you know... That's not great.

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