20 lanes of cars in the middle of the city OR one network of subways

Public transit is amazing! It doesn't get anything close to the love it deserves.

Except in and , where public transportation is so cool that they have their own shops selling all kinds of merch! :D

@forteller Undergrunnen i London kjem vel nær. Det fins i alle fall eit museum som sel effektar.

@pilum @forteller

(apologies for English, I guessed at the toot meaning and used Deepl in Danish (as Norweigian isn't on there) and it seemed to work..

There is indeed a popular London Transport museum and merchandise with the London Transport logo has been sold in every souvenir shop there (and even further afield!) for the last 50 odd years - although I'm not aware of the same in other British cities with reasonable public transport like Manchester, Sheffield etc >>

@vfrmedia @pilum Cool! Yeah, the Tube is iconic! :D Wish there was the same enthusiasm for the public transport in more cities. I really believe that logo is a big part of why in London, at least.

@forteller @pilum

in cities where young people often like to socialise at night, public transport needs to run late and also provide safe environments for diverse communities (including avoiding/defusing tension and risk of violence) - otherwise as the driving age is 17 here rather than 18 teenagers will still aspire to get cars as soon as possible and even take chances with DUI (which was a big problem in the provinces, that they only "solved" by closing down most of the night time venues)

@forteller @pilum

I was born in London and moved back there for part of my late teens in the early 90s; the bus, train and metro services were seen as "cool" and part of youth culture (they were also fairly safe even late at night) - this isn't as much the case in provincial areas (where cars are more aspirational)

Admittedly I don't have much personal experience of the North so I'm not sure if the same applies in Northern cities with good public transport..

@pilum @forteller

Looks like Manchester does also have a decent transport museum, backed by the local transport authority (a curiosity of British culture is London often overshadows anything going on elsewhere unless you live in/near one of these other places..)

@vfrmedia @pilum Cool! I notice these are more museumy things than the kind of swag in the other shops, but I have to say I love the old tie and this poster!

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