The Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has created quite the nice little series about some Muslims moving to a small farm in a small town, making halal cheese and… something else. It plays on stereotypes and prejudices, but it goes in interesting directions and is obviously against hate.

But it is also the first Norwegian series I can remember seeing where a main character uses !

He uses Firefox in what seems to be Linux Mint, though I'm not totally sure.

There's also a small moment where a character, living in the city, promotes using car sharing instead of owning a car, and says biking is faster than driving in the city. Which often is true, and probably also was true in that situation, though I felt like it was played a bit as a joke. So it wasn't perfect, but it was great that it was mentioned at least halfway in a positive light.

The series is called , btw, and it won two prices in the Cannes International Series Festival

Oh yeah, and another character says he doesn't have a driver's license because he never needed it, living his whole life in the big city, which is great!

This is the kind of normalization of not driving that we need in popular culture!

@forteller i am 93% sure that you are right about it being mint from that logo. nice to see my tax money going to series like this, showcasing something else than the godawful monolithic microsoft landscape present in public sector :02_smile:

@vala It's the logo in the lower left corner that made me unsure. The colors on everything else seems very Linux Mint, and the logo is also similar, but seems a tiny bit off. But I'm sure it's just the resolution playing tricks on me.

@forteller whatever it is, its clearly not anything made by microsoft, google or apple, which makes it more interesting to us fedi nørds
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