Simplenote is refusing to fix a bug I reported that is stopping me from logging in anywhere, so that I only have access trough the app where I'm already logged in.

So I'm looking for a replacement, and wondering if anyone have any recommendations. Should be simple, accessible trough PC and phone, export friendly, preferably FOSS.

I'm thinking of paying for Standard Notes. Any thoughts on that? Have you tried it?

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@forteller I only tried free Standard Notes, but is good for text only

@teecee Thanks. It does look nice. Do you use it yourself?

@forteller I'm subscribed to extended until 2030. I recommend it for simple note-taking and writing across devices. It's always been reliable as a space for private thoughts that syncs across devices

If you need functions like those on Onenote or ObsidianMD, you're going to be disappointed. Search, for example, continues to be kind of wonky.

Definitely try it for a month and see how you like it. And hopefully they'll have a decent sale for the holidays if you like it.

@guigui3000 Huh, search is bad? That's very important to me, since I often forget and have to search for small snippets in the middle of the text that I remember. Thanks for the heads up, guess I should try for just a short time first, yeah.

@forteller Yeah, it's been a sticking point for a while for many users. I'm hoping they accelerate the pace of development a bit, because the FOSS, the basic note-taking, the encryption, the sync, the multi-device aspect, and the price are spot on for me. But it is rather sparse in terms of features.

@guigui3000 Thanks! I saw an answer there from them, and it did not look good. Maybe I should try Joplin instead.

@aujawindar Unfortunately I don't have a server or really know how to self host. I have a DreamHost thing for my blog, but I can't install whatever I want there, just WP and some other stuff. I really should get away from it and find something more adaptable, and hopefully faster (my blog is so slow) and less expensive… but I really don't know where to start, or how to make sure I move my blog without any issues… :/

@forteller I tried Standard Notes twice now and it never really *clicked* with me. It seems like a good program, I just usually found something else.

At the moment, I'm using QOwnNotes with a NextCloud backing it on my desktops and the NextCloud notes client on the Android.

Oh yeah, Markdown and formatting. That was the main reason I didn't like Simple Notes.

@dmoonfire Thanks! Your problem is lack of support for Markdown? Could I ask how you use Markdown, like why it's important to you? I use it a bit in Simplenote, but whenever I need to share with others I have to add all the formatting anew in Writer or something anyways, so I just haven't really understood the point of it yet.

Have you tried Joplin, though? Getting some recommendations for it.

@forteller Mostly headers, italics, and bolds. However, I create a *lot* of nested lists and having tab indent and shift-tab outdent makes life a lot easier. Plus, my notes will have ``` fence blocks for code.

Those little things that work for *me* are usually what I measure tools against.

Joplin was nice, but I remember only using it for a few days before I wanted to find something better.

The problem is, for the most part, I'm deeply introspective in how I work, so I'm picky.

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