I was just going to throw some trash in the garbage when I found this white bag half filled with totally fine, clean clothes.

I checked the other trash cans and found like five almost new looking pants. So I put the pants in the white bag and got a big, black trash bag where I've gathered clothes I've found in the trash at other times, and I walked over to my local Red Cross donation box, a few hundred meters away.

We are drowning in luxury here in . Send help.

Stop pumping oil and most of it will solve itself i think.

@pettter @forteller
No it will not. The oil is not the problem here, it's mainly attitude - although with less money it wouldn't matter as much because one couldn't afford to buy all those clothes and not use them.
However, there are rich people in countries without any significant oil production too - and they are no better I imagine.

@fyksen Hehe. Det var dessverre/heldigvis veldig lite igjen i den. Men nok til et par skiver, som de tydligvis ikke gadd bare fordi det var på bunn av boksen…

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