I was so excited about the new @Fairphone being announced today. The day couldn't come soon enough! I was going to buy one!

But now I'm just fucking disappointed that it comes without a headphone jack!

I have a ton of jack-dependent headphones, and so, I gues, does most others. What are we supposed to do with those, just throw them all away and buy new BT headsets produced with new materials under terrible conditions? Fair?

No new phone for me then.

The crazy thing is that the phone is modular, so why not just sell two different port modules, one with just the USB and one with both a USB port and headphone jack, and then let me choose which one I want. Better splash resistance is great! But let me decide what I want more. If Framework can let you choose porta, why cant @Fairphone?

@forteller @Fairphone

Eg trur det er lurest av fairphone å rette den nye telefonen mot det eksisterende telefonmarkedet kvar folk begynner å forvente at det berre er ein usb C istan.

Betre at fleire begynner å bruke fairphone ein at nokon få får headphone jack. Å ha ein ekstra versjon er ikkje sikkert dei har produksjonslinje til

Så kan vi håpe at markedet kan fylle opp gapet som fairphone etterlater for meir mangfald i det etiske telefonmarkedet

@forteller @Fairphone you could just buy the adapter though, it's just 10 € more and you can still use your wired headphones on a new fairphone, but yeah, i also think they should have just put a 3.5 jack on the phone, but they must have a reason for it.

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