Why aren't more awesome free/open source cloud based software projects offering paid hosted services?

There are a ton of businesses and organizations out there that gladly pays for good tools, but have no way at all of hosting things themselves. So they go for Google or MS, because that's the easy solution, when there's probably better tools for them out there.

Isn't this an obvious first step to solve the financing FOSS development problem?

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Like BookStack, for example. Looks pretty sweet. But you have to have your own server and know how to set stuff like that up, keep it safe from hackers, fix all issues yourself, etc to be able to use it. Why can't I, or my company or org, just pay them to do that for me?

Just one of a million examples, ofc

@forteller because being a developer doesn't make you a sysadmin, especially if you want to provide a scalable infrastructure that will be booting new resource on demand for each new increase of the needs due to new clients, and not to mention the billing and tax declaration part (can be tricky in some countries).
In fact, a hosting service is a project as huge as a programming project by it's own.

@forteller The best funding is that which matches the non-rivialrus nature of software. In your example all the hosters in the world should be paying developers to work on the cloud whatever.

Or you can do it the hard way and ask individual users for funding like I'm doing for Inkscape. So far larger organisations are a better target than individual users.

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