Linux help:

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 21.04 and working WiFi. But I want to give it to my mother, and just switch out the SSD from her old laptop to this "new" one, so she won't have to get used to anything new.

But her SSD is running Zorin OS, and when I put that one into the "new" laptop the WiFi is not working…

So: Is there some wireless driver files on Ubuntu that I can copy over to the Zorin SSD to get WiFi to work? How do I find them?

Thanks a ton!

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@forteller you might need firmware. Search packages for your wifi manufacturer.

@forteller Checking the log files or the output of dmesg | less could give some pointers ?

@forteller You could try just updating the kernel. Otherwise yes, there are drivers you could load as mods to the kernel. I would be rather installing a completely new system personally.
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