I was so tired of waiting for an official way of getting on that I just installed it from the unofficial PPA on my Ubuntu 21.04 machine. My main machine. I thought, if there's any problems I'll just log in to the regular Ubuntu session and uninstall it, no problem.

Now my machine won't boot up! What the fuck. Why does a DE mess with the boot process!?

Don't make my mistake, kids. Be patient.

Now to see if it's able to boot from a live USB.

Thanks to some very helpful and patient people on the Ubuntu IRC channel I got my pc working again, without having to reinstall!

Did you know that with the command chroot you can control the OS on a computer's hard drive, while running on a live USB? But first you have to mount the drive in a very specific way, not just trough the Disks GUI application. I didn't, until now.

Thank you FOSS community!

@forteller lol, been there, done that.
In another instance I decided to remove the system python cause I thought I could provide my own (I was very new to Linux). Big mistake, it basically deleted my entire system.

@forteller chroot is indeed a very powerful tool. Happy you got it figured out.

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