What video editor would you recommend for someone who's quite new to this whole video editing thing?

Please don't answer it it's been like a year since you tried any of them, or something like that. Thanks!

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Latest version of

Flowblade, March 31st 2021

Kdenlive 20.12.3, March 8th 2021

Shotcut 21.03.21, March 21st 2021

OpenShot 2.5.1, March 3rd 2020

(Also: Olive 0.2, a total rewrite, supposed to "come soon", but latest git commit was yesterday)

Lots of things happening in this space, it seems. OpenShot is the obviously worse one of these in this regard.

Thanks for all the answers! I did end up using Kdenlive, and it was quite easy for the tiny, little thing I needed it for. :)

@bazza Why? Would you not wait until the totally rewritten 0.2 version which is supposed to come soon?

I didn't know. What I do not understand is because there is no standard video project format
in my last big I use blender vst project, but it's complicated 😩

@forteller I've been using kdenlive for some very basic stuff, but it's confusing, as someone with lots of awkward computer program
experience but zero video editing experience. I've never used the others

@forteller Kdenlive is pretty neat.
On the non-FOSS but still Unix-compatible side of things there is also lightworks.
@forteller Yeah but it's quite easier to find documentation around for it as it's been there for ages.
@forteller I used openshot to make a video about five months ago. It's quite bad. It is a real chore to make even a basic slide show.

Its supposed to be the best. I don't think there is a foss solution for video editing available.
@forteller i use kdenlive for making the timelapse thingies of my drawing streams. its pretty nice

@danialbehzadi Jeez. There are too many! I could only put 4 in a poll, but I'd forgotten this one anyway…

I see the latest version is from october 2020. Not bad. Could you tell me a bit about why you recommend it over the others? Thanks!

Cause it seems less complex than other editors out there and do the job in a iniuative way.

@forteller KDEnlive er den klare blandt alle alternativene. Den er godt gjennomført og funker veldig som Sony Vegas som mykje folk inkludert meg sjølv lik.

Men for profesjonell videoredigering vil Olive vere meir passende, men det er fortsatt i alfa.

KDEnlive kan bli profesjonell standard, men manglar berre ting for å møte industri standaren, noko man håpar Olive klarar å få til

@forteller blender er profesjonell standard.

Eg anbefalar KDEnlive som appimage forresten.

@christoffer @forteller Eg har berre prøvd kdenlive, men den fungerer greitt for meg (til veldig basic redigering).

@forteller Why would you use any of these? All you really need is an Amiga 1200 with a Video Toaster and a VCR.


Hello, do you know any SoftwareLibre Video Editor who can open fcpxml?

@bazza Sorry, I have no idea. But I'll boost, hoping someone else can help you

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