I've been hired as a freelance worker for one, hopefully soon two, projects for updating for local municipalities in Norway. Yay!

So I'm thinking of starting to post more interesting and relevant OSM content, so I can share it and also find it for myself later.

I've created a new account for this on the OSM instance, so if you're interested in these kinds of things, please follow @forteller

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That's interesting... So there are places paying to keep their locals up to date in OSM?

I never thought of it this way but I always found it weird how in the US we rely on commercial nav vendors like Google to keep these things up to date rather than the municipal governments responsible for the changes in the first place.

That said, I'd rather governments put their data in OSM rather than something proprietary so all can have free and equitable access to the information

@forteller @forteller
That said, I've been thinking about updating OSM for my locale as a volunteer. I love exploring locally so it might be a weekend hobby for me.

@crasher35 @forteller @forteller It's pretty funny to look at US state borders where one state publishes public map data (I think Massachusetts does) and then the extensive detailed map data just ends at the border because the next state has a less insightful policy.

@forteller @forteller amazing 👍

I tried to fix an error on a footpath once but couldn't figure it out and gave up. 😔

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