I thought I had a really good idea for fighting dangerous misinformation, and for DuckDuckGo to get an advantage over Google (and possibly a lot of media attention).

But no one seems to care.

Please have a look and upvote if you like my idea. Thanks!

Feature request: Option to "show results from trusted health sources only"

@forteller That is not an easy ask. Google takes into account who wrote a piece. They have an army of people making such assessments. I blog as a climate scientist and have a link to my university homepage. I did that for my readers, but Google apparently now also uses such information. No idea how strong they prioritize reliable sources, though. Their searches are still full of misinformation.

@forteller With a group of colleagues, ClimateFeedback, we review press articles on climate change. There is a similar group for health information, HealthFeedback.

That could be information such an algorithm could use. Unfortunately we can only do a few articles per month.

We are brainstorming whether it would be possible to review more articles by having members of the public help us. We could see how well they do their reviews by comparing them with those of the scientists.

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